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  1. We need to play better competition they said, we need to get rid of volunteer, central, etc. they said. Well you did and guess what, same ole same ole. I do not see it getting any better with Science Hill's program, and Sullivan county planning on building a big High school. The transfers you get will not happen when this is done. But it is the same story the Saturday morning after the yearly one and done (Lets get rid of the coaches).
  2. woulda, coulda, shoulda. Your not, it must be bad when a Blazer fan starts a DB thread for an upcoming game. Where's the rest of the DB faithful, guys such as ART with all the stats.
  3. Pretty sad down there in Eastman land, when all you have to brag about is winning a SCRIMMAGE.
  4. Can't wait till Regionals and see some different ref's. What amazes me is these clowns go from officiating middle school games one year and next year they are in the district tournament.
  5. I guess by going to North they think they can go deeper in the playoffs (as they did this year). You are a clown, db has done this for years and years, trying to lure county kids to go there. They can do all the want with the facilities, equipment, etc., (IT WILL NEVER GET THEM A CHAMPIONSHIP).
  6. I don't know who crew cut is,(probably would if I seen Him). But the other 2 are some of the worst they have. The Supervisor won't do nothing, they will be in a big game the next week. How can he discipline these 3, when he was just as bad as them.
  7. Go ahead now and brag about how many years in a year you made the playoffs. Because that's all db fans have.
  8. What is going with the Region 1 officiating? I have watched several games this year, and they are terrible. Lots of new guys that don't need to be in varsity games (would have a hard time officiating middle school games). Has all the older and better officials retired or quit. I thought VA. officiating was bad, but times has changed and they are better than TN.
  9. Could it be that maybe Tn High played a little better or (harder). That's what I'm talking about!!!!
  10. Jack off was a waterboy during one of those Mythical State Championships in the 20's.
  11. It didn't help back when db played in the Big East, and Maryville wasn't even in 6A! Why do you think db would do any better? Just face facts db isn't in the same league as the Knoxville teams!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. They always do this every year for DB. They just get a bigger laugh after the first round of the playoffs.
  13. Being the manager on these teams DON'T count!!!
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