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  1. What was up with all the Brainerd penalties? And did they only dress about 20 kids?
  2. Working hard on the facilities and starting week 3 of lifting and conditioning. Got a few in credit recovery and a few in summer basketball but the ones there are working hard. Staff has been pleased with the effort...
  3. He was offered to stay at Central.... Fact
  4. After both teams got the cobwebs knocked off, it was a fairly even scrimmage. Defense found a few football players who played downhill and put on some good licks. Still working on breaking old habits on offense, but moved the ball when folks blocked the right people and backs hit the right holes. Ones against ones, I thought the Chargers may have had a slight edge. Still a long way to go and still evaluating depth. I hope this bunch will keep working and build on the team concept that Coach Davis and staff is emphasizing.
  5. Right now it is still on somewhere around 4:15ish
  6. I hope the threat of rain Friday doesn't cancel the scrimmage, it would be great to see how this team looks against someone else and get some video to look at.
  7. Much better today, Coach Davis went back to basics and a lot of review on offense. The kids picked it up and made a good effort. Most of the ones out yesterday were there today. This time of year is tough on practice with all the other activities going on at school and the year winding down. Still looking for the best fit personnel wise.
  8. Out in shells but still did some hitting and sled work. Coaches are really into it as are the kids, going back to basics. Doing some offense and basic defense intro. Coaches are seeing good effort and attitudes with a willingness to listen and learn. A lot of work to do but like the direction this team is heading. Scrimmage next Friday at Hixson so it will be interesting to see where this team is at with just basically 8 days under a new system.
  9. Had the Principal out on the field yesterday...... Jeff Gilbert is a blessing too! First time I have ever seen that happen!
  10. First day of spring practice. Had to go in shorts and tee shirts, waiting on helmets right now. Hope to be in full gear by Wednesday. Kids seemed to be interested and picked up base plays pretty good. Scrimmage at Hixson next Thursday so right now just teaching terminology and learning names.
  11. Wish he would have at least gone through spring practice and given Coach Davis and staff a chance. His choice alone on this one and one he may regret later.
  12. One of the things Coach Davis told the kids on that first meeting when ask was that he wants kids to play multiple sports if they want. At this level, you got to share athletes to be competitive. I have read a couple reports from orthopedic Dr.s that the "specialization" in sports of the middle and high school age kids actually increases the chance of injury due to the repeated impacts and same motor movements that occur year round. Makes a lot of sense to me, when I grew up in a time that you played whatever sport was in season, we never had the number of joint injuries that kids have now.
  13. Central finished the season this year with around 35 kids dressed from 4 classes. Coach Davis had 60 show up when he ask to meet the kids, and that was just 3 classes. Nothing personal taken.... just making a point. Same thing happened when Brandon Derrick was hired, Central's team numbers increased by about 20 during that time too. Time will tell...
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