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  1. appreciate it brother! I'll be over to watch them play in about 3 weeks weeks when we come play in Jackson.
  2. It is my fault. I heard Jim Hamilton who coaches girls basketball was taking it over must've been misinformed. But I'd say Mt. Pleasant should have a solid team with Eddie as well. Just dudes that have such a strong knowledge and experience with the game for so long usually put some real disciplined and hard nosed teams on the field. Excited to see how they perform!
  3. Ain't gotta tell me!! I have offers out right now to Bryce and the Ridley twins (Seth & Cole). Love these guys!! Talk to all of them about once a week. Really believe they'll be great for Roane State. Believe some big time programs will give them plenty of looks here after. No denying when you come develop and produce in our conference. I told them to take their time. Lord doesn't put a timeframe on things they'll end up where they're suppose to. Greenback will be a fun team to watch this year!
  4. Y'all do me a favor please! I've got a couple dudes on the west side of state I really like but NEED more contacts. Reach out about the good guys. Especially 2019 & solid 2020's right now Heisman Austin at Scotts Hill is coming to Roane State for me next year. I want more contacts. If yall got dudes who you believe are just right on the cusp of being D1 guys or are tough junkyard dog type players let me know. (615)6133367 Also I got 3 guys Will Parrish, Rick Conroy, Wesley Bomar.....All over at Henry County which I know is just barely out of that Middle Tennessee Zone but let me know what you got on 'em. I feel like they all could be Roane State Raiders next year and come open themselves to big opportunities after. I want 'em but need them to want to make that drive across the state for 2 years to be successful and make big time stories for 'em.
  5. Jim Hamilton knows the game and will have those guys ready to compete at a high level! You should be excited!
  6. Union City has Peyton Edwards that's a crafty lefty that'll do big things.+ Gordonsville has Joey Parliment MIF 5'6" but dude plays harder than most you'll see!! & Hunter Mann RHP 90+ but is extremely careless about most things but at same time is just a young kid who's just shy and ready to move to bigger and better. I can tell ya i'm recruiting BOTH hard because once Hunter Mann's academics get in order & he develops just a bit in Junior College baseball he's gonna be a draft prospect/SEC/ACC arm whichever he chooses & just needs Juco grades to make those power 5 conference offers come. & Joey just needs to decide he's ready to win championships and go to the best place for his development to a D1 STUDENT-ATHLETE. Wouldn't sleep on Loretto just because they don't have Ryan Weathers. Always well coached and Jacob James is an LHP that is only going to get better and better as year goes on. East Robertson although not as much fire power I feel like has some pieces in place to make a nice run. Really all about Culture for them . Some special competitors on that team. Unaka has John Ramsey who can sling it but this year will be fun to see how far they can make it against the big boys the further they get into the playoffs. If you got a team you want to ask me about you're more than welcome. You're either going to help me be a better recruiter for mainly 2019/2020 guys or realize you're team might have a little more work to do haha
  7. Eagleville with Ethan Cobb (Tn Tech Football) , Blake Brewer- Vol State, Isaac Gleaves- Vol State & Ryan Wells 2020 have some solid pieces to do well. Travis Holland HC is all in and a great coach Assistant Todd Williamson is down to earth and as high of a baseball IQ as you'll meet. Cornersville- Caleb Crowell & Graham Duke RHP MIF are going to give Cornersville a chance to be very successful. Gritty dudes who go compete their tails off with alot of ?'s that I feel like that coaching staff will have ready to play at Cornersville. Don't know enough about other teams but interested to see if they have some dudes that can contend for a district title. Cam Hamsley Recruiting Coordinator Roane State CC (615)6133367
  8. I'd say Greenback as well. I'm recruiting a couple of their guys and they got some tough nasty dudes who compete hard.
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