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  1. Congrats to South Gibson on winning the Region. A lot of hard fought tough games to win it. Now to the Chaos in Week 10. Westview plays Milan and Covington plays McNairy. All four teams are 2-2 in the Region. All four teams face scenarios where they could miss the playoffs. All of them will be playing not for just seeding, but their playoff lives.
  2. Yes sir. He is a heck of a player and from what I have heard, a person as well. I read the story on your son on our Facebook page. Very awesome. I hope you two enjoyed your trip down a few weeks ago.
  3. Another good night. He had 2 TDs, a rushing and receiving. Not sure how many yards he went for but I'd say 120 to 150 rushing could have been more. Probably 30 to 50 receiving yards.
  4. We will see how much depth they end up having. I think they going to have to find a couple consistent scorers to go along with Omari Robinson.
  5. Kinda wait and see with the boys. They lost a lot of seniors but return a couple good players. They get 6'4 post player back that missed last season cause of knee injury. I also heard that the one of the brothers that got kicked off last season is back and there are a couple players that hasnt been playing coming out this year.
  6. I know after the last tryouts, she was not listed on the roster. Which, I questioned to some folks. Since that time, I have heard she was on the team multiple times. Not saying what you heard isn't true, it's been a bit since I've heard any news on the team.. The freshman class is suppose to be pretty good also and there are some girls coming out this year that have not been playing basketball. So they may also get some help there as I believe quality depth and lack of ball handlers hurt them last year.
  7. Maybe that is what they are wanting them teams to think and gameplan that way for when they do play, they might flip the script. There two WRs are good though. I don't know, I figure a lot of what they are thinking is ride their horse. Last year, they had to move him from TE to Center cause they lost their starting center. Figure they believe they can line it up behind him and let him pave the way.
  8. I didn't think they threw to him enough when we played them. But, I think we might have also put double coverage on him as we did have our 6'4 TE in on defense lined up against him on a lot of plays I saw.
  9. Hardin County is a good team. I'd say we are about even. The big difference in the game was we blocked a punt and returned it for a touchdown. Also, Hardin Co tried running the ball too much against us. We shut it down. They also got too happy with throwing the deep ball, had a lot of overthrows while guys were running open on intermediate routes. They gashed us when they threw those routes with yards after catch. If they would have thrown all night, I'm not sure we would have beat them. They have a good QB, I believe he is getting some looks, a couple WRs that are good, and the RB is suppose to be good but we bottled up the run game. Then of course the the TE is ranked in Top 60 in his class and the #1 or #2 TE in the country by one site. The defense looked athletic but they had a hard time stopping our offense.
  10. Yes this is a must win for McNairy. More than likely, they have to beat Milan and Covington to get in. I believe they only have two paths: 1. Beat Milan and Covington and they are in outright 2. Beat Milan, then Milan has to lose to Westview. McNairy gets the head to head tie breaker over Milan
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