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  1. Uh...me, As I mentioned I could not go to the game and I also couldn't pick it up on radio. Just wondered if we did it thru the air or pounded it out on the ground?...I think it's a fair question...anybody?
  2. Congrats to the players, coaches, fans, and moms and dads of the players for "maybe" the biggest win since we beat Smith County in the play offs with the "big" field goal!!....at least 5 wins are in site and that would be hugh!!!!
  3. Hey, I didn't get to go to the game due to a prior commitment. I got info thru text. I mentioned before the game on here and caught alot of crap about "downing" the coach. Well, did #22 run much tonight?...that's the one thing I wanted to happen. He's a great athlete..and, (once again..this is just my "humble" opinion)..he's not been a threat to run much this year...and the wing t ain't worth much if your quarterback isn't a threat to run with ball. So, did he run much last night?...just wondered?
  4. And so "what" begins????...if our coach is much of a man and you asked him if he's made some mistakes the first three games I hope he'd say yes....and no more than I know about football I came up with 2 or 3 observations. That doesn't mean I don't support the coach. The only coach not making a mistake is one who's not on the sidelines. And, if he can't take people saying what he did right or wrong then he's probably not ready for the job. He got out coached in the Trousdale game. Our 2 min offense was awful. But, in his defense it was his first game. The 4th down fake punt was unusual and I'm sure he didn't see that coming. But, he did get out coached. Best thing is his team is improving..and for his first year with kids in a new system that is all that can be expected. But, when I see something crazy...like, not repeating a play that worked...then I and I hope anyone else on here would wonder why?...for goodness sakes...Goodpasture scored at least 4 times...ON THE SAME FREEKING PLAY....it worked and they kept running it...to me that's good coaching. Just my "humble" opinion. I just wonder if Macon has a decent year and wins 7 or 8 games the next year or two if Smith County will drop us too?????...just asking?
  5. That is good..but, no rings...and, in TC if you don't get a ring then it's not good. Just one of the down sides to having a successful program. I thought it was stupid when they went up to AAA. I'll admit 41-10 is good, but it ain't great!!...TC is a great single A team, if I was them I'd stay there and keep winning state titles, and it looks like that is what they will do!....The past two years when they played Macon I thought Macon had the better team, but TC would have two big plays, mainly due to speed and would win. Then, later in the year they looked like a totally different team. They improved more by the end of the year than any other team I watched. This year they looked good from the start. (a last minute transfer from Station Camp didn't hurt any...huh!!!!)
  6. Well, if you check our schedule at least we "showed up" for the games between TC and Goodpasture...more than could be said for SC.. Hey, I totally understand...pad your schedule with easy teams, get you 6 or 7 wins...it's all good. But, when you do that, don't put down teams that don't do it....You have not played anybody, and won't until you get to the play offs...in the same caliber as Goodpasture or TC...fact is fact!!...and, we held Goodpasture to a 28-28 tie at half time...then the better team won. And the practice thing was thrown in becasue it's a known fact that the scout team can't hit the first string offense, but the first string gets to knock the crap out of them....guess it builds their confidence!!..The key to Macon winning over Smith County will be our coach letting Grace roll out and run or pass. He ran 55 yards on a naked boot leg against TC and that was the only time "I think" we've tried that play all year. And, your running backs are faster than we are...our speed on defense is why we can't stop anybody...and, we usually start the 1st half with our small defensive line. Once the bigger guys got in on defense in the TC game we stopped them. Just a few observations....good luck!!
  7. I hope RBS pulls out a win, but, based on the Strength+Success stat Sunbright wins big. RBS 4 opponents average Strength+Success number is a horrible 0.786. Macon County's opponents was 1.117. Big difference!!... But as they say....that's why you play the game....love to see the Bulldogs get another win!!!..
  8. It's mostly always always always having a Harper in the backfield. If we had one player as fast as him up in Macon County we'd be at least 3 & 1 now. Trousdale County would have beat Macon by 50 points if they'd just kept pitching it wide to "either" running back. They are so much faster than we are. And, we got out coached in that game. Just saying....speed really really helps...especially in SINGLE A!!!!!....Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think they had near as much success when they moved up a few AA'S a few years back!!!
  9. Don't know how much stock you put in the Strength + Success stat here on coach T...but, based on that the teams Smith County have played average out to 0.9516. Macon County's 4 opponents come in at an average of 1.117. We've only played one team...one...(and we beat them) that is below 1.250 (Goodpasture and Friendship Christian are both 1.250 with Satterfield County..opps...Trousdale County a hefty 1.337. 3 of Smith County's wins have been against teams 0.825 or LOWER!!!....so, it should be a good game. And not only do you not play Trousdale County...you don't play Goodpasture anymore either....huh!!....Hope the kid with the broken leg is doing good...and, fyi....the Macon County Coaching staff let's our scout team defense go full speed and hit our first stringers hard....makes for less traumatic injuries...!!
  10. If you know for a fact exactly who is behind this then by all means please tell us. I for one would like to know who in Macon County has this much power. And, why if he's just been accoused wouldn't he fight it?...the only way for this to stop is to let the decent folks know who's behind it so it can be stopped the next time!!!!!
  11. The way I hear it he is out. Had something to do with texting a student. Also, heard the text was not pornographic in nature or in anyway out of line. But, somehow and I don't know how but someone found out about it and he resigned. But, that being said...you people on here that keep bashing Macon County people can kiss my butt...,.I'm one of the people who pay to see the games and I don't even have a kid playing. And, I've not had anything to do with ever removing a coach. The problem with Macon County is that there are a handful of people who control our school system from top to bottom. And, they run it...short of running for school board member and making everyone in Macon County hate me what can the regular person do to stop it?...if anyone on here has anything constructive to say then by all means let me know!!!!
  12. I think the biggest mistake the coaching staff in Macon made all year long was not showing "at least a possiblilty" of a run. John Elway or any other QB to ever play the game can't be successful if the defense knows he's throwing on EVERY STINKIN' PLAY!!!!....If that is corrected next year then I think Macon will win some games. If it's not corrected then it'll be more of the same. Put the blame on the sophmore QB,Dallas has done what he has been told.I know he makes mistakes,and he also knows,but what i have seen so does the rest of the team,but i guess someone has to be blamed. What do you expect,trust me if Goolsby,changes QBs,that would be alot of unneeded presure on a 15 year old kid.I cant see anyone else doing any better,if they can maybe they will put them in.You just have no idea,what he goes through,all anyone notices is the interceptions,threw 10 pics in 3 games,alot because we was behind being ask to throw deep and into coverage,and i guess it was all his fault we was behind. He calls and runs the play that he is told.The coaches have brought this team a long way in a short time,but they are young.What has me confused noone notices the good things, or the mistakes made on D or the dropped passes and fumbles on O or the penalitys,just the QB.We have scored 19 TDs and 13 of them by passing,and dropped a few turned the ball over on downs also,the number 6 passer in the state and the intercepion leader as well, 2 kids in the same class that will get close to setting the single season record,for most receiving yards in a season,alot of kids coming back next year, our best running back on O alot of linemen who will be ready to play next year and most of our D .So for our teams age and playing experiance,this has not been to bad of a year,and better days are ahead.The only reason i could think you feel this way is you must have a kid either in highschool or fixing to be,and your want them playing QB. So tell them to take his place,Goolsby seems to be fair,if they can win the posistion go for it.There is no way anyone can put this season on any ONE PLAYER. Like you said two more years,well my family has listened to people like you for 3 years already,so we really have something to look foward to the next two years as well.The JR High had a great year,a big differance in 12-14 year olds playing,and 15 year old boys playing 19 year old men.With an exception to a couple of years,the JR high has always had a good season.GOOD LUCK TIGERS,hang in there stay together better times next year.Dallas keep your head up,keep working.LOVE YA DAD[/quote
  13. I'm pullin for Macon and I hope they can get at least one win this year. I'm confused about two things. Why don't we show just a little run. There are a "handful" of pro teams that can throw every down with no play action or miss direction. Correct me if I'm wrong but can you name two teams in the last 30 years that have won the state throwing every down...? I'm also confused on defense. Our defensive ends stand straight up and "catch" the man in front of them. No penetration at all. I've never seen a team at any level play this way. I'd also like to add that I've not watched every game but in the 2 loses I've seen these were two problems that have to be fixed to be successful....any comments?
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