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  1. It was never agreed upon, not sure what your people told you. lol
  2. SP tried every way in the world to move this game. Even posted it after the Gville coaches said no. LOL
  3. Nobody else will start this one, so here it is. Whats your thoughts?
  4. Ram Train runs over the Wetmoreland Posties!!!
  5. Prayers for everyone on the roads this evening. Drive Safe and stay warm!!!
  6. Smith County will have a hard time with Sweetwater. Its a toss up either way. Lets see how big of a lock Baxter is carrying.
  7. Hey Croz, It may be time to play that Ace you have in your back pocket.
  8. Not sure that would be an upset. Both teams look to be very close and even. The upset may come in Baxter.
  9. !!!SPOILER ALERT!!!! Tigers pull the not so upset!!! Monterey Azteca biggest win was against Bledsoe Co. Gordansville has a few players back from Injury and are ready to play.
  10. I'm going with Dragons on this game. Evenly matched teams but York is the more disciplined team. Cannon was starting fights on the field and was walking off the field cursing with coaches beside them. No discipline for 3 or 4 players.
  11. It was the rain!!!! No No No It was the deflated footballs that they used!!! No No No They are a bigger school!!! We just got beat. Out coached. We could not stop the QB and we couldn't move the ball. Eating my crow this morning. Go ahead Posty
  12. Bring a rain coat and/or umbrella!!!
  13. Is this thread, so you don't forget the score of every quarter of Baxter's games?
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