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  1. No doubt, he is one of the best coaches in the State, but he seems to be the Bobby Cox of Tennessee high school basketball. He has had a ton of success, with only one title. He will probably win another one though.
  2. Where Can I find them. The TSSAA website(surprise surprise) still does not list them.
  3. And I meant "CB". Basin is much better this season.
  4. Question for CP fans: Do you all play Andrews? We played them the last two years, and will probably never play them again. The officiating is terrible over there, and their fans are crap. I guess the team ate after the game, and they left a mess behind the bleachers. And I have always enjoyed our rivalry. You all also have one of the best looking fields around.
  5. When the opposing team takes off for a big run, and is knocked down at the 10 yard line, you don't cheer like something good has happened. This is always women, and is usually mothers or grandmothers. They mean well, but it has always been annoying to me.
  6. This is awesome. Those guys will never forget this. This has always been a "money game". County is more than 2 times the size of Central, and have always used that advangate. Oirf course, Central has had their chances, but would come up short. But, they FINALLY did it. Good job!
  7. Polk is down this year. They are young, and don't has as much talent as years past.
  8. They should be able to compete against 9 out of the 10 teams on their schedule. They did lose a lot on the line, but this line is quicker and quite a bit tougher. The opening game should be a good one.
  9. Why does everybody in here seem to hate them?
  10. Enjoyed the game. But who was the guy who kept hollering like an Indian chief? The woman close to him was pretty dumb as well. But, other than that, it was a nice atmosphere.
  11. That was pretty incredible! He talked about how they got hosed against William Blount. (and, Blount county does have a bad reputation when it comes to that). But that place has a reputation for home cooking. (big time). Look, they have had great teams, I am not denying that. JM is an excellent coach, and although they have underachieved in M-Buro, they should have a lot of pride. Just thought his statement was a little ironic.
  12. I have traveled to many venues to watch Tellico play. I guess several of them have been more than once, and most of them have been positive. However, some do not leave a good impression. But, here are some of mine: Best Polk County - I have always enjoyed Polk County and their fans. It doesn't matter the sport, they are a cool group of fans. Bledsoe County - Nice folks Meigs County - At one time, this was a good atmosphere. Hopefully the football team will be back to where they once were. Being the only high school in that county, there is no excuse for them to be terrible Worst Webb - Bunch of snobs! Westmoreland - Horrible, Horrible, Horrible. I. It has been 20 years ago, but ask a Sweetwater fan about this place. Andrews, N.C. - Obnoxious all the way around....... Hiwassee Dam High School - Too many stories to tell here. When Perry Hull was at Polk County, one of the fans punch him in the back of the head. Those folks are insane!
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