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  1. the dogs have more to lose in this game than the landers do. should be a very good game. who ya got???
  2. bulldog787

    Region 1A

    old24, you would happen to be one of those "cosby crazies" that was standing up there screaming? cause i noticed that when we got ahead you guys quit cheering. thats not the way too cheer your team. ha ha better luck next year. go dogs landers are going down
  3. im glad i wasent up there. i would have knocked that SOB out. i dont care if he was a student
  4. no fines i was let back in the next home game. but you can get your team t-d up if its pretty bad use of your words. i said you suck and got tossed. some refs cry too much
  5. well im in our student section and we say push it, boo that ref and nuts and bolts. is that against the almighty tssaa rules or can we do that? also the regional game last year we ws allowed to do the zombie nation when the other team inbounded the ball but in the sub-state game we couldnt so could anyone shed some light on this. and another thing when the guy behind me was screaming mf sob but i said you suck and get tossed. wel i geuss that SUCKS. merry christmas hope yall didnt get as much snow as i did
  6. you got to watch saying you suck. there are some cry baby refs that willo toss you for that. i got tossed. refs have way too much power
  7. I have been to a few Hampton games and have not heard 1 single person say there is a ballhog. If not for the player you are referring to, Hampton would be getting ran out of the gym. Whenever I hear people talk about him, they talk about him being one of the best they've seen in a long time. Ask THE KING. He came up to me in the tourney at Chuckey Doak last year and said those exact words... And once again I agree, He is/"Could be" one of the best. Are you so high and mighty that you threatin some one behind a user name you need to grow up alittle bit before you post again
  8. I'm sorry mr durden I was just a little upset after our loss but I think it was dawgfan09 thatmade me post that I know you one of the biggest bulldog fans I hope we have a good year and dylan is playing really good lately
  9. man i know who you are. i dont know why you think its bad to have a 10 2 season.
  10. sorry to all the alcoa fans elizabethton hasnt won this many games in a while. they arent used to being in the playoffs more than two rounds. some of us no what its like to be in a big game
  11. didnt we beat you twice last year? couldnt have held it too much
  12. you etown folks really like to wine alot. better be glad you didnt play the dogs in 07 you would still be wondering what the heck happend
  13. please dont listen to mr. durden he shouldnt be alowed to be a hampton fan after the way he bashed our coaches on the football threads
  14. well as far as the east goes its hampton baby pack your bags we will be heading to the boro
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