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  1. He interviewed last week. He woud be outstanding. Remember, he was a college coach also.
  2. Proud of my Tornadoes. My gosh they are young but wow having so many underclassman step up speaks volumes about the program!
  3. Here's to a good game next week and to good weather. As far as I know, this is MHS first trip to Johnson City for Football. Safe travels and bring many "turnovers" with you!
  4. Stars they have no idea what you are talking about up here. NO....don't think Mikey is related even though Coach Mike White Sr was the Head Coach at Erwin many moons ago.
  5. Maryville's going to miss one of the best offensive lineman they have had in years in Drew Curtis. No bad snaps, hard nosed, no BS, get the job done type of leader. I know the coaches at Maryville are going to miss him.
  6. One of the Bledsoe boy's wife taught and coached basketball at Maryville, does that count?? I honestly don't remember a "bunch" of Sudderths and if they played they weren't related to 33 that I played with from 80 to 83, at least I don't remember. You have to put the Love family in there as well. Some of the grandkids played during past decade. The Tyson family is also connected to the Mitchell family.
  7. will this game be available to watch online? I know CAK games are normally broadcast online....is that the case this week?????
  8. it has been this way all year long. very, very frustrating to watch them on defense. I don't understand anything they are trying to accomplish; it just doesn't look like a 6a defense.
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