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  1. Hutchison was 2-12-3 last year but was competitive against a lot of good teams. Mostly had trouble scoring....'12 version of Hutchison is improved, but the next 5-6 games are going to tell a good bit. 3 tough games in the Rivals tournament and then St. Benedict and St. Agnes. Supposed to play @ Briarcrest last week, but it was when the hurricane remnants came thru for most of the day. A lot of talented young kids have helped bridge the gap a bit this year. I would expect SBA, Hutchison, and BCS to have some good battles between each other and that along the way SAA will have a tough time with one of them at some point. However, until someone can actually beat them, they are the clear leaders of the West.
  2. Thats akin to the Commercial Appeal dropping them after the loss to Ensworth despite the fact they had just hammered the team they fell below in a game like scrimmage.
  3. I think Wilkins (SBA Jr) wold be in the conversation with Elder. Put him on MUS, Ensworth, etc., and he would be even more highly thought of than he already is.
  4. MUS was dominant tonight. Final: MUS 42 CBHS 3
  5. Yep. Their D is much improved over last year. 1 of SP's TD was a KO return. Enworth also had a kick return and score 2 td's after getting the ball handed to them in the red zone. If their special teams and offense comes along, they are going to be a tough out in the playoff's. I am a little shocked their O-Line has not faired a little better to date. Thought it would have held better in the 2 losses.
  6. IMO, to much was taken from MUS opening week loss to Ensworth. Simply put, the Owls were just sloppy in that game and that in itself is just uncharateristic of them. Likewise, too much is probably being taken away from SP after the loss to Hoover. They lost 25 players off last years squad, but they do have have some talent. Antonio Conner will be the best player on the field, no matter what. I see this as a close game and think it could honestly go either way. MUS will have to avoid the costly turnovers from game 1 on offense, while forcing SP to beat them via the air. I would keep the ball away from Conner all night. No way I give that kid a chance to make a play.
  7. He is also the AD, Boys Basketball Coach, Girls Basketball Coach. Saw him coaching basketball 2 weeks ago. That is all I am aware of.
  8. They should be pretty good. Will have a strong senior class with several D1 prospects. They had a lot of really young kids get unexpected playing time this year due to a lot of injuries on defense, so they should have some good depth. I believe that SP had 25 Seniors on this team. They will be a top notch team as usual, but they are losing some playmakers for sure. I know they have a DT and a S that are sure fire D1 talents returning.
  9. The Commercial just did the pictures for the Soccer BOP within the past week, so they should be forthcoming as your timetable suggested.
  10. Coach Netherland coached his last game for SG, but most he has most likely not coached his last game. He will end up coaching somewhere, even it is in another state. It had to be a rough day for him yesterday. The Memphis paper said the other day that his wife was suffering from some health issues and found out Monday that she was having surgery this Friday. Said he coached and then immediately returned back to Memphis to be with her.
  11. I am not sure how many private schools use the same system as Hutchison, but I would suspect that St. Mary's and at least a few others do as well. I believe in a public school you can earn beyond a 4.0 by way of Honors and AP classes. An A in one of these courses is weighted more heavily than an A in the regular version of that course. Basically, the harder the course, the more you are rewarded for taking the more challenging course work. I think the increased reward is only factored in if you make an A,B, or C. Some of the school's do not have "regular" courses per say. The lowest form they offer is the equivalent (or sometimes) greater than the honors courses at some of the public (and probably a few of the other private schools as well) schools. Beyond that they have Advanced Honors or AP (not all courses have an AP level) which are of course the most challenging courses.
  12. 6th highest in the country! 3rd consecutive year for Hutchison as well. Congrats to everyone who made it.
  13. The Bridges is alive and well. They moved the games from the Liberty Bowl to MUS and CBHS (alternate years I believe). MUS/CBHS rotate playing Melrose/Millington and as stated before, it is a important part of Memphis HS football and the ushering in of the new season. http://www.bridgesusa.org/koctix
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