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  1. I am also a girls soccer coach, and was never sent any thing about nominating girls or even when the game was until I read this post. I have been a paying member of THSSCA for 15 years, and like the previous post, I am never contacted or receive any emails about things such as the senior all star game or all state nominations.
  2. after the meeting last week, it looks like soccer is going to stay with three classes in division 1 and divide it up having equal numbers of teams in each class like they did the previous cycle. we should see some schools shifted up and down, and could make the new alignments interesting. it is also for 2 years instead of 4 like the normal cycle goes.
  3. I know with the covid situation and spring sports being cancelled, this may have been put on the back burner in people's minds. Has anyone heard any more information about what the classification plans might be and what they may look like?
  4. I think the TSSAA would stay with 16 districts and keep the postseason format the same as it currently is. they are not going to give up a round of tournaments because they lose money for the district tournaments not being played. i am guessing that you have a few district with 6 to 7 teams and a few with 4 or 5 and it stays the same format.
  5. they are talking about splitting Division I into four classes and leaving Division II as is with two classes. it would look like: Division I: Class A Class AA Class AAA Class AAAA Division II: Class A Class AA
  6. In the fall, the new classification cycle will be voted on for the next four years. Word going around is that the TSSAA is wanting to go to 4 classes in all sports except football. What are your thought on 4 classes in girls soccer and how it might look as far as numbers in each class and movement of schools might be.
  7. Do you know when the division 1 AA and A teams will be announced?
  8. Does anyone know when the TSWA releases their 2018 girls soccer all state teams?
  9. Page HS is in the top 4 in AA this year, most thought they would be a AAA school this year but they stayed in AA. Don't know what they have coming back, but they are always solid.
  10. Saw that the TSSAA has an item on the June board of control agenda to discuss a mercy rule for soccer. Does any one have information. On what the rule might be that they are discussing?
  11. the all state class A/AA is as you say picking 15- girls which is less than 1% of the players in the state in the classification, what you did not mention is that if a coach is not a member of the THSSCA, their players are not eligible to be picked. So in reality that automatically eliminates a chunk of players from selection, especially at the smaller schools whose coaches may not be members. Also, the last few years before this year, as i was told by a local coach, 14 of the spots were reserved for players of teams that make the state tournament with the last spots going to players on teams not at the state tournament. so 14 players from 8 teams are chosen, and roughly 4-8 players from the reaming 142 schools were picked. so if you lost in the first round of state you got 1 guarantee player on the team, semifinal losers got 2 spots, and you got 3 if you made the final. the remaining 4-8 spots could also come from those teams but not guaranteed. This year she said that a list of nominated players was sent out for member coaches to vote on, but she was not sent anything about nominating players from her team even though she was a member of the coaches association. it seems like a small group of coaches running the coaches association set up the all state team to benefit their teams chances of getting players on it.
  12. Where did you hear Page was moving to AAA? I thought they were set in AA in the district you listed above.
  13. according to the pitch count rule sheet on the TSSAA website it says: 3. Highly recommended that a coach check with a coach on the opposing team between each half inning to make sure pitch counts are in congruent. (the same ) 4. Home team would be final correct count. 5. Both teams would sign documentation pitch form at the end of each game.
  14. This is what I came up with for the middle of the state in AA for next year. changes or suggestion as to how this will shake out? i see it as 2 districts with 6 teams and 2 districts with 7. District 9 White House- 874 White House Heritage-673 Greenbrier-833 Springfield-1081 Portland-1089 Beech-1139 District 10 Cheatham County- 682 Sycamore-760 Montgomery Central-1077 Kenwood-1163 Fairview-710 Creek Wood-986 District 11 STEM Prep- 418 Stratford-668 East Nashville-750 Hume Fogg-889 Maplewood-919 MLK-961 Hillwood-1103 District 12 Nolensville-942 Page-1123 Spring Hill-1053 Marshall County-902 Giles County-820 Lawrence County-1082 Tullahoma-1042
  15. if that is true about the amendment, it would affect the class A in this way according to the TSSAA approved co-ops: School New enrollment with multiplier old number coop with CSAS 809 446 STEM Chattanooga Chucky Doak 1112 618 North Greene Madison Ac. 842 468 Jackson Cen. Merry Marion Co. 931 517 South Pittsburgh Rockwood 783 435 MIdway Smith Co. 1089 605 Gordonsville West Greene 1118 621 South Greene there are also some in class AA that would move up as well.
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