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    Franklin County looked really good today in Gallatin. Seemed a very unified squad so early in the season with new head Coach Jeff Taylor taking helm of this ship winning both games against Hume-Fogg & Northwest. 8AAA boys should round up a very intriguing season indeed.
  2. Last nights scores are interesting... 1.Riverdale Vs Ensworth W 69-64 2.CPA Vs Canridge W 58-31 3.Columbia Central Vs Creekwood L 47-52 4.Livingston Academy 5.Oakland 6.Blackman 7.Antioch 8.Page 9.Jackson County 10.FRA VS Smith Co L 46-55
  3. Congrats to Coach Jeff Taylor!!!! Wishing you and the boys of Franklin County great success. This was an wonderful fit for that program! HUGE LOSS for Tullahoma~
  4. Columbia charges 2 dollars to park at their football games. I have asked for years, how do they get to do that when no other schools in our district charge for parking. I have paid parking fees for football games at cookeville high school as well, that was $4. Interesting....
  5. If the school bands have to pay indiviually to come to a game at tournament time (including the directors) then it would seem that regular season pass holders/special seating would not apply for tournament play. Doesn't the TSSAA rule the ticket sales at the host sites? If they do regulate it then it would seem that a regular season pass,special seating etc would not be applicable. Just my 2 cents.
  6. Regardless of the intent of this statement, Congratulations to all the advancing teams of Region 4! Each girl, who leaves their sweat, blood and tears on those hardwood floors and every coach who pushes themselves and their teams beyond expectations are what make this region one of the toughest anywhere. EVERY TEAM, still in the tournament or not, should be very proud. "The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions." ~Leonardo da Vinci
  7. Franklin County Rebelettes Defeat Blackman, 38~34.
  8. http://www.t-g.com/story/1815428.html
  9. Not that anyone disputes Riverdale's, Science Hill's, Clarksville's and the Memphis schools superiority in the standings, but there may be other teams that will try to challenge the standings before the end of season. Mt. Juliet is currently in the top 10, but could raise their standing quite a bit before all is said and done. Franklin County has been showing stronger, and each person is allowed their opinion. A coach is a coach is a coach...regardless the season. Coaching girls basketball in Tennessee, especially Middle Tennessee is probably one of the more difficult task any coach could take on as a challenge whether it be a sizzling summer or freezing winter. I don't envy one of them, for the fire is pretty hot in any pan in this state. Transfers...interesting topic. This past school year Oakland has one(eligible), Mt. Juliet has one(eligible), Riverdale has one(eligible), Franklin County has two(1 eligible, 1 non-eligible), and Smyrna has four(three eligible, 1 non-eligible). All the eligible players are playing, per the TSSAA and the two that are not know when they will be eligible to play per the same authority, the TSSAA. Many of the girls on several of the TOP 10 current teams, do play together in summer ball and play well on a national level. It is increidble watching them bring back what they have learned on the road all summer to their home floors during school ball. It's then very interesting watching them compete against each other during school ball. And yes...someone HAS to coach them and those few coaches who get the opportunity to work with that talent in the summer, take that knowledge of coaching home in the school season to better their own players who they do not get to coach in the summer per the rules. Regardless,of where a team stands now, when these and other strong teams from Middle Tennessee split up over Christmas, they were all some of the strongest teams in their perspective tournaments and some of those tournaments were noted as some of the toughest competition tournys in the USA. For this you can be certain, when a team plays here in Middle Tennesse for the most part, everything is left on the floor by all the girls playing, by the coaches coaching and by the team mangers keeping them all watered up during the game. It's stiff competition and any one in the TOP 10 now should be very happy. Any team that works hard enough to move into any of those slots by the end of the season should be equally as proud. I, for one, do not think any team is resting on their laurels and as the season progresses, the natural objective is to plateau to their highest evolution. Sounds like a lot of great ball to watch for the fans of all the teams, and alot of hard, unseen work, for the young ladies we will all cheer for by State Tournament time.
  10. I didn't get to attend the tournament, but would truly love to commend the Tournament Hosts on their VIRTUAL hosting of this event. The RADIO announcers were EXTREMELY GIFTED and TALENTED, not letting a listener miss one moment of action. The Up to the Minute STATS from Tusculum College were INCREDIBLE to have while listening to the games. The Newspaper Coverage with game details and PHOTOS was some of the BEST online coverage I've ever seen. ADD That all up and WOW, Holy COW! Impressive to say the least and the amount of effort on so many levels is staggering. CLASS ACT all the Way Greeneville!~ Sounds like a VERY impressive TEAM effort on all media and physical fronts. I'd also like to Congratulate the Franklin County Rebelettes on their incredible 3rd place showing. BIG APPLAUSE to Mt. Juliet and Science Hill on their outstanding performances and 2cd and 1st places! Lots of GREAT GAMES!
  11. Agree, and Agree. It is a most interesting region for certain. Good to see alot of the middle Tennessee teams stepping out away from their usual opponents and play other very talented teams from other states. The team in this tourny from Alabama, Bob Jones, has some serious D1 signees and went into the losers slots. Sports, Anything can happen for any team on any given day...
  12. Wilson Central loses a close one to Charlotte Christian, No Car. 55-50. WCHS's Sydney Vanlandingham had a great game... tough loss.
  13. Franklin County Rebelettes win over the Kentucky's reigning state Champions, Rockcastle County 52-44.
  14. Greeneville HS 67, Cocke Co. 66 Last point was a freethrow by GHS
  15. Rockcastle Co,Ky won their game. Franklin County Rebelettes won in a matchup with South Greene.
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