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  1. Would like to give props to the BWSC U-18 Premier for winning the Premier League back to back and going undefeated! Their only loss so far this year was 1-0 to the defending National Champs.
  2. Yesterday was the first time that I saw Farragut play this year and I wasn't impressed at all. Nothing seperated them from any other of the good teams that I have seen this year. Bearden couldn't stand up to the physical Hendersonville team. Hendersonville has alot of weapons and is very deep. Just like travel soccer the state champion will be from Middle Tenneessee. I said at the first of the year that I thought East Tn. soccer was very overrated! I wish Sandy the best on Fri night but HHS this is your time!!
  3. Most of the top juniors play on the top travel teams: Brentwood 93 Premier, Knox Crush and the two good div#1 teams from Memphis. I have never heard of these kids. Don't get upset, come and try out.
  4. Ryan Odum - Hendersonville High. Very physical and very skilled.
  5. Either Ravenwood has fallen off the face of the earth or someone forgot to include them in the rankings. Definitely they are better than alot of the top 10 teams and I'm not associated with Ravenwood.
  6. With Beech beating those Chatt area teams like that what does that say about the soccer there? Beech has only 1 senior on the team and a lot of 10th graders. They start players who don't even get in @ TUSC. Franklin and Indy both looked strong over the weekend and Ravenwood is on its usual roll. Brentwood and Hendersonville will both be very good by tourny time.
  7. you always seem to have fair and knowledgeable posts.
  8. Very sorry! Took it the wrong way. Somebody has to spice things up now and then. I will stand behind my rant on Cleveland.
  9. Did you put sorry Hendersonville because Cleveland finished higher? There is no validity to these polls after actually seeing Cleveland play. I would crawl to Cleveland on broken glass if they could beat Hendersonville. I am involved in top level soccer across the South and was VERY disappointed after seeing Cleveland play. No size or foot skills. Win four state championships and then you can talk smack with the big boys! The next time I hear about Cleveland will be the Cavaliers and they will be known as a big disappointment like your nationally ranked soccer team.
  10. I didn't realize that they moved that high. That is crazy! I wonder what that is based on? I watched last night and the kids were not that big and the foot skills didn't impress me either. Not to take away from their outstanding season. Also the parents and crowd for Cleveland were very classy. Thanks for the update.
  11. No that would be the runner up. The two best teams could have already played in the blind draw format. Cleveland was 17th in the nation and was about the 5th best team out of these eight in this tourny.
  12. I have seen all eight teams and will give you my top four. You have to start with Farragut and Brentwood. I thought some teams had more talent than Brentwood but they have improved and what a coaching job after losing 12 seniors. Farragut is a good team but not head and shoulders above the others. Hendersonville is right up there talent wise( 2 kids to U Memphis, allstater to Belmont and one to Trevecca and others going also. They played Farragut twice and gave up one ( be it questionable) goal. Bearden is always good but lost to Brentwood and was soundly beaten by Farragut twice. I think any of the top three and Bearden in most cases would easily beat the Cleveland team. I wasn't impressed with their speed or size, but they did win the games that they played.
  13. Hendersonville was caught off guard because the fouled player was on the ground still in the way. The side ref was caught off guard more than anyone, he was way out of position up the field. The Farragut kid was two strides past everyone when the ball was sent. My sight line was right on the play. Can't blame Farragut they played a good clean game. To a man on the sidelines everyone said way off! We all have been standing there and called off and even our own parents would correct us but this time there was no doubt. Good luck to Farragut.
  14. Hendersonville over Farragut 2-0.In the words of George Plaster "book it" .Too deep and talented.Lots of experience.
  15. Farragut, Bearden, Brentwood, LaVergne and Clarksville. That is the five teams that Hendersonville has played out of the top eleven AAA without a loss, all ties. Nobody likes ties but that speaks volumes.
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