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  1. There was no text, just an overblown rumor that gave the administration the go ahead to oust another coach they didn't like. Macon is turning into a coaching graveyard like Warren County has been for some time. Perhaps new coaches in both places will pull the players, fans and coaches out of the misery they've endured at the hands of the 'good 'ole boys'.
  2. Data, Facts. Opinions have the bad habit of letting a small vocal minority paint a very bad picture that isn't nearly the truth. I know people who spit at the mention of my boss, but the people actually in the school know the truth. I dare say one sub's bad experience and some vocal parents pissed off doesn't give a true and complete picture of LMS. Will Hester's record isn't impressive. He had a good year on 2005 on the back of a heck of qb. Good principals, good coaches and good teachers tune out the negative static and tune in to the positives they are doing.
  3. Thats not a "bare minimum" standard they met, but you can search other schools to see that. And that number of suspensions and expulsions is far more typical than atypical (high side for Rutherford, but not atypical for a school that side with a similar demographic). There are people on this thread searching for reasons to badmouth LMS, Dirk Ash, and Will Hester, LMS's academic performance and school profile doesn't support that. In fact take a look at Blackman Middle in comparison. Blackman middle has over 700 out of 900 students classified white, far fewer suspensions, no expulsions and pitiful academic gains numbers (but higher achievement scores)..in comparison to LMS. I scanned the rest of the schools in Rutherford. LMS has nothing to be ashamed of and the parents may not like Dirk Ash (I know him professionally and can assure you I know why some parents get rubbed the wrong way by him), but he looks to have done a good job with his time at LMS. Oh, and the suspension is more than Blackman, but less than Central (Central is 7 and 8 with a 10% higher white population).
  4. Backing up statements with facts and links to the facts is something lacking on message boards. http://state.tn.us/education/reportcard/index.shtml This link takes you to the state dept of ed website. Click the graphic that says TDOE Report card and then use the drop down menus to select Lavergne Middle School. You'll find some crow to eat. LMS is a good school according to NCLB standards. On the same link above you'll find a link that says: TVAAS (connect to School Search and more - Public Use). Click this link and then click reports and select school reflection. Figure out the navigation and you can check LMS in every subject. There is some growth lacking in the 7th grade, but overall this is a good school. Really? I heard that the conduct of the 7th graders at LMS last year was so bad that it took not one but TWO full time math teachers to teach 7th grade math in one class all day. I also heard that out of the several hundred 8th graders last year at LMS, only a couple would be able to take math above standard when they got to LHS. That doesn't make a person very optimistic about the prospects of the principal from that middle school turning things around at LHS. But it can't be ruled out - however it will take help from all hands on deck and LOTS of $$ to improve the physical condition of the campus. Kids act worse in classrooms that are rundown and trashed-out looking.
  5. Dirk Ash...Well my prediction is that Scott Murray of Glencliff will be the next head coach. I believe that Ash taught and coached in Smith Co. While Murray was there. Very possible personal relationship going to get it done.
  6. I bet some school board members balked at a deal that got a good coach because they still hold out hope that their favorite will get it....I'd say warren co. will start over at square one.
  7. fine facilities? HMMMM! Some people need to visit some other schools and see what facilities mean elsewhere.
  8. The last time the position was filled, it was done over christmas break about a week before school started back....
  9. weekend of the 8th, whatever weekend starts around that date. I know that Paul Johnson from Georgia Tech speaks Friday morning. Coach Clarke told me they had a great line-up this year, but they usually always have a great line-up.
  10. Son of Beech? I'd say that is Scott Murry wanting out of Glencliff High School. He is the former Def. Coor at Beech and is married to the principal at Beech's daughter I believe
  11. When i go to the TN homepage about every other visit the browser scrolls to the bottom of the page and a there sits an advertisement that looks like a a windows dialog box, but it is part of the page, not a pop-up. Both times the advertisement has been about something in Gallatin. The last was a jewelry store. I can't scroll back up and I have to reload the page to navigate away from the homepage.
  12. Well, here they go again StanTrott. I haven't browsed in a while but decided to take a peak when I heard. Surprised there's not more venom, but I'm sure it won't take long to come out again. I'm struggling to figure out how the Warren co. admin is going to attract anyone after previous searches and the inflexibility that has been shown towards name candidates demands. I also didn't read the james clark article but heard he said get some money together and get Rankin? Really?
  13. That would be shocking. It is unfortunate that he couldn't have retired a state champion after the 2003 campaign.
  14. I've gone to the champ games every year but one in the last 10...stay at the hotel, go out to eat 2 times, at the stadium the rest of the time. Honestly, who goes to the state championship games in december with the thought that we are going to visit local attractions? Central location of Cookeville, geographically=no, but its location on I-40 is centrally located to Knoxville, Chattanooga, & nashville. It is about an 1 hour further down the road than Murfreesboro if you are driving in from West TN. Cookeville is a great town and a great spot the champ games
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