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  1. There wont be any lack of motivation to get pumped up for this game from either team. It feels strange going into this game without any region implications, but don't fool yourself. This game means just as much as any region game to the kids, coaches and fans of both of these teams Gallatin has bounced back admirably since the Mt Juliet game. I was concerned that game would derail the season even though MJ has beat the brakes off everyone they have played. I am very impressed with the adjustments the coaching staff has made throughout this season. Gallatin's defense is special this season and I expect they will be turned all the way up tonight. I very much enjoyed reading the H-ville insight of this thread as i have not seen them play this year. Just looking at the Commando schedule and their success vs opponents thus far, they are a hard team to peg. A couple of impressive wins and one or two losses that are head scratchers. Should be a great game tonight and the gate, as always, shouldnt disappoint the home team.
  2. I must agree with most of this post. This matchup is the first of 3 games this season that should determine the top 3 in the region. Gallatin vs Hillsboro, Beech vs Hillsboro, and Beech Vs Gallatin. Gallatin has to clean up the turnovers and penalties. The Wave has yet to play at its full potential this season. Im not one to "throw out" games on a team's record, but you might as well treat Hillsboro like a 1-0 team. BA is head and shoulders above anyone in the state.
  3. "A very good Antioch team" was an attempt to sound like an unbiased Gallatin fan. And yes, they did look good (in comparison to past seasons) against SC. Shall I change my tone to "YeeHaww, Bison suck! Wave by 247 in this one" so ill fit in?
  4. This week yields the match up that a lot of these kids look forward to all year long. Gallatin Vs Station Camp has become the battle of annual bragging rights for the city of Gallatin. A lot of these guys will be playing against buddies, cousins, former team mates.. It should make for great football! Gallatin comes off a win over Springfield that left mixed feelings among the staff and fan base. A very sloppy, penalty riddled game that was tough to watch at times. Though there were some bright spots, there is plenty of work to be done for the Wave. Station Camp comes off a heartbreaking loss to a very good Antioch team. One more first down could have sealed the victory for the Bison, but the W slipped away on a forced fumble.. Can the Bison regroup and be ready for arguably the biggest non-region game of the year?
  5. Alright folks, here is one of the biggest matchups in 5A this week! Post your predictions and opinions on this thread. I'm looking forward to getting some input from the HC faithful. These teams have a rich history and this matchup never seems to disappoint.
  6. My pick at this point has to go to Gallatin's running back Jordan Mason. He has an incredible stat line through 2 games in the 2015 season: 71 carries 436 yards rushing 7 rushing TDs He also added 2 receptions for 60 yards and a TD last night versus Springfield.
  7. Its WAY to early for crowning a Mr. Football, but hey, thats what message boards are for, right? Post your early picks for Class 5A Mr. Football below. Be Sure to include stats if you can. Enjoy!
  8. The Green Wave has had Springfield's number for 30 years... Nothing changes tonight. Wave 31-17.
  9. Well Said Gwave1. I Hope The Wave Yard Is Rocking Friday Night. This Will Be The Biggest Game Gallatin Has Played In Years. The Win At Henry County A Few Years Back Comes To Mind.
  10. After An Impreasive Run In The First Two Rounds, Gallatin And Clarksville NE Square Off At The Wave Yard Friday Night. Lets Hear Some Early Thoughts On This 3rd Round Matchup.
  11. After the Wilson Central loss, i had all but chalked this game up as a Gallatin loss. But as wave88 mentioned, we have since found out WC is for real plus Gallatin has improved immensely each week. I think this game has the makings to be another down to the wire contest. Can't wait for Friday!
  12. Remarkable comeback last night by the wave. 30 unanswered points is a solid effort on any day! Keep it rolling wave.
  13. Does anyone have any info on Gallatin's Spring Scrimmages, times and loactions? Also, does anyone know the date for the Green and Gold game?
  14. I suppose there will be no reason for Gallatin to take up parking money on the vistors side of the stadium this week...they would only make $8.00 Green and Gold in both stands this week guys!
  15. Let the games begin... Who can shed some light on the Glencliff Colts this season. Offensive and Defensive scheme, players to watch, etc? What are your predictions for this throw back Region 5-5A matchup?
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