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  1. Gallatin is finally getting some recognition in the AP poll, for what it's worth. The bye week came at a good time to get some much needed rest and recovery. I would expect some huge gates at the next 2 games. As many have mentioned, the wave cannot overlook Hendersonville. With the rich rivalry between Gallatin and Hendersonville, I have a hard time buying into the trap game theory.
  2. Coming of their 4th straight shutout and enjoying a bye week, let's talk about this: Just how good is Gallatin? Where does the Wave stand in the 5A hierarchy?
  3. For those keeping score at home, Gallatin still isn't good enough to make the Top 10 in 5A AP Poll. Almost as if to say "Gallatin won't be a factor".
  4. This one has all the makings of a fantastic showdown between two very good football teams. There's no doubt WC will be out to avenge a lopsided loss to Mt. Juliet last week, while Gallatin hopes to continue to ride the momentum from a commanding homecoming win. If you play the common opponent game, Gallatin wins by 32. I hardly see that as accurate. This one should be much closer than that. Who ya got?
  5. Gallatin improves to 5-0 and has a glorious homecoming. Clock runs the entire second half... That is all
  6. These two teams are going to learn a lot about themselves and where they stand tonight. Cant wait to stand in the 3 deep crowd around the fence since i can't get there at 4 pm.
  7. Briggs is definitely special. But there is some great talent on the defensive side for Gallatin that few are talking about. MJ will be tested establishing the run in this one.
  8. Gallatin comes in at #11 in the 5A AP Poll this week.. What do you all make of that?
  9. I'd look for a packed house out at Mt Juliet Friday. Both of these teams have large fan bases and the deep rivalry will bring out the masses. The Wave has to stay humble. MJ is a tough place to go in and come out with a W.
  10. HIllsboro has to be one of the biggest lines in the state. Unfortunately not very disciplined with double digit pre snap pentalties. I would not expect that from MJ.
  11. I am looking forward to the showcase of defenses in this game. Sounds like both are quick to the ball. Low scoring affair?
  12. Lets go ahead and get this topic going early. I have a feeling its gonna be a hot topic this week. Gallatin comes into this game with a full head of steam after a crazy week of musical stadiums in a game against Hillsboro that finally settled at Calvin Short field. After lots of chatter, the Wave handled business with ease leaving the question around the midstate: "Is Gallatin really that good, or is Hillsboro down". This week will be the litmus test. Mt. Juliet comes in looking to have gotten back on track with a convincing win over county rival Lebanon, who I believe is a solid football team. The Golden Bears will no doubt come in to this one looking to prove they are very much a force to be reckoned with. Lets hear those opinions folks. There will no doubt be a fantastic game come Friday night.
  13. Let's hear the opinions... How does moving this game to Gallatin change things?
  14. If you weren't at this game, let me tell you, as the final seconds ticked off a celebration ensued on the Wave sidelines and stands that I haven't seen in a long, long time. It was reminiscent of the glory days. Lots of chatter around this Wave squad and the new coaching staff and for good reason. Is it too early to throw the name Spencer Briggs into the Mr. Football discussion? 432 rushing yards in 2 games...
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