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  1. Ok...I see your point. I don't necessarily agree that it goes for every 6 year old, but I understand what you're saying. The idea of a private instruction or a camp was a good one, if you think he wouldn't enjoy a travel team. So...who do you recommend for private hitting/pitching instruction in Middle Tn for a 6/almost 7 year old? And are there are any camps I could check into that you know of?
  2. Not that I really feel the need to explain myself to you guys, but just fyi- I talked to my son about playing flag football this fall - he doesn't want to. I asked him about playing soccer again (he played soccer last fall), and he continues to say "No, I want to keep playing baseball." I can't pitch him enough buckets of balls or toss him enough pop flies each day to keep him satisfied. Since we don't have cp fall ball locally, I just thought if there was a travel team playing in some late summer or fall coach pitch tournaments that he might enjoy that. I know about the parents who force their kids to play from the time they can hold a bat and then burn them out - that's not the case here. My older son never begged to "keep playing baseball," and he plays other sports plus swims with the swim team occasionally. I appreciate your attempt at throwing me in that "crazy" category, but it really was unnecessary. Like batman said, I was just inquiring about a team. I figured there might be some other teams out there that possibly had a player or two who, like my older son, would prefer to play a different sport in the fall and perhaps they might have an open spot.
  3. Are there any 6u or 7u travel teams out there in middle TN who will playing the rest of the summer and fall? If so, I have an interested 6 yr old (will be 7 in Nov) who would love to join a team and get some travel ball experience. Thanks...
  4. How did Coach Kirk learn so much about pitching?
  5. I was not refering to GoodPasture's confident fans, and I was not refering to GP's fans as a whole at all. I am all about having confidence, and sometimes sometimes even being cocky about your team. I totally understand that. I was just saying that as an unbiased softball fan watching the games at the State Tournament, my experience of several of the Goodpasture fans was not a good one. I was just there watching good softball and would complement a good play when I saw one, regardless of the team. However, when the play happened to go against Goodpasture, one lady in particular was very ugly simply because I was not "pulling for GP". And several different negative instances just put a bad taste in my mouth. I am not in anyway trying to put down GP...they deserve all the congrats in the world...they are a great team. I just think there are some fans that need to come down a notch or two.
  6. cobrakid8 - You are right, I think most of what these goodpasture people say is uncalled for. I was at the state tournament and was very impressed with both Soddy AND Goodpasture. They are both awesome teams and they are both State Champs, and it should be left at that. However, after being around the Goodpasture fans I must say that I will never root for them again. I am not speaking about all of their fans, but they have several of them who are just plain obnoxious. I know I was not the only one present that thought so, too. It is just too bad when adults can't behave themselves over a game.
  7. There certainly does seem to be a lot of jealousy for Coffee County by Queen Bee and Oakland2001. I guess that's what they must resort to when they can't beat them on the field. You guys are terribly immature.
  8. What year is Megan? She is awesome...I saw those 18 strikeouts...she can really bring the heat. Tough luck for Lipscomb in that game - I'm sure you all will be back next year.
  9. Lady Dunn, You should know better than that. First of all, you know that plateauman is from Cumberland County because he has "Go Jets" in his signature. Second of all, even if you overlooked that, you should surely know that there is no way on this earth TopGun is going to give any information to you free of charge.
  10. The TSSAA state tournament is being held in South Haven, MS. Around the complex are many hotels and shopping centers. Why is it that the umpires are staying 7 or 8 miles away in Memphis? That doesn't make sense to me.
  11. Goodness gracious, all this talk of grammar is making my head spin. TopGun, are you an English teacher? I was very impressed with your explanation to TheFlash. Lady Dunn, I am of the opinion that you need to just throw in the towel and tell TopGun who you are. I think he is getting frustrated. Actually, why don't yall just set up a blind date on this board, and then when you meet for the date he would finally get to see who you are. That would almost be like one of those realty tv shows or something. TopGun, I really don't mind to reveal my identity on here. I could give you and lady dunn some clues if you want me to, but first I would like to see if you could get it without a clue. Do you have any idea who I might be? Lady Dunn said she did...if that is so, then tell me who you think, and I will tell you if you are right or not. My name "OldRaider" should be a fairly good clue. I am a very old raider. I probably should have named myself "AncientRaider" to be more accurate. Also, I will answer any yes or no questions you might like to ask.
  12. TheFlash, you are awfully hard on TopGun! Is all that deserved? Ofcourse, from his comments, I take it that you will be umpiring in the state tournament...is that true? TopGun, it looks like you have a secret admirer named lady_dunn. Miss Dunn, tell us what year you graduated, or atleast what years you played softball. I am now curious as to your identity too.
  13. We certainly do appreciate that, DTBone. Congrats to your team and good luck the rest of the way!
  14. Now I am curious as to who the Lady Dunn is. C'mon, Lady Dunn...just one clue...
  15. We've seen alot of good games so far in post season play this year...let's have your opinions on players who are stepping up when it counts and leading their teams to the state tournament...
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