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  1. Are you kidding me another home school. Not much to brag about.
  2. The Chattanooga Central boys basketball job is open.
  3. You're only as good as the talent. Had some foreign players one year and I was a great coach then they left and went to a private school in NC. I suddenly was not a good coach any more. As my grandfather said "you can't win the KY derby riding donkeys.LOL
  4. This said coach has "Good timed Charlied" around for several years. Just look at his tenure for the past 10-12 yrs. Family Ba humbug. He moved to Wilson Central because of family what's the reason now. Going to where he sees good players coming up etc.. And that's all I have to say about that. (Forrest Gump)!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Agreed MartianMan. And the media also jumps on this bandwagon about how good they are. Of course they are. get players from other countries that are 6"3 plus. Like I said these selected players make a "bad" coach look good!!!!
  6. Just sayin'. If all of us could allow any player to come into our program then yes we could all be GREAT!!! This an All-star team w/o restrictions from any state organization. So yes they are talented but let's be fair. This team would make any bad coach look good.
  7. Any word about BBS volleyball coaching vacancy?
  8. Good luck to the Pounders. Stay focused and play hard then you will leave no regrets. There is nothing like "hustle." Hope you fight til Saturday!!!
  9. And if there is a total split it will be like this with all the privates.. No restrictions and no hiding it. Heck I would send my kid to a private also if they waived the tuition etc... The privates WILL form own league and not be under T$$AA rules just like Hamilton Heights.
  10. Better watch out for what you wish for. The privates WILL form own organization and not be under T$$AA rules. Then they will recruit even more with no penalties. Your big 230 lb 4.4 yd. dash running back is gone with the privates taking him right in front of your face. Plus they can remove the tuition or give the family financial help. It will be a lottery draft session. At least now there is some restrictions and an "eye" watching. If split there will be no hiding any shall I say the R word: RECRUITING!! Remember this post a year from now if the total split happens.
  11. Great year for the Central boys team. They have persevered and worked hard for this prize: State recognition. lets all go and show our PURPLE POUNDER POWER in the GLASS HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Wild seems to jump ship to schools with talent. Check out how many schools he has been with over the last 10-12 years. Just saying!!!
  13. Agreed about Wild. He has more moves than ex-lax!
  14. Wow!! This guy moves around more than ex-lax!!!!
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