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  1. mhsrbl202

    Maryville vs Soddy?

    final score was 2-1...very exciting game...officiating was questionable
  2. mhsrbl202

    Region 2 Tournament AAA

    Mocs, Maryville killed Heritage the other night but more importantly Snoderly didn't play because he was at a church function. They don't know his status for the Powell game. The coach might have to dress him but I don't know if he will play. 825589740[/snapback] Snoderly played...Keith was at the church function
  3. mhsrbl202

    District 4AAA Post Season Awards

    MVP: Trey Brewer All-District Team: Ben Bosse Kyle Huckins Tony White Jr. Rande Sibley Trey Brewer Curtis Tate Danny Saxe Logan Johnson Justin Bruce Aaron Eakins
  4. mhsrbl202

    Maryville @ Bearden

    Maryville won 75-73.
  5. mhsrbl202

    Coach T!

    Coach T. You have Maryville losing to Farragut 55-59. The Rebels won 59-50. The Rebels also beat Jackson County 92-35 last Saturday, November 27th. MHS record is now 5-1.
  6. mhsrbl202


    Maryville beat Farragut tonight.
  7. mhsrbl202

    Campbell County @ Maryville

    Final score was 63-48. Both teams played pretty sloppy, Maryvile had 17 TO's and CC had 24. Maryville shot close to 50% however and did well at the foul line. A couple CC players picked up technicals in the second half. Maryville will have to play better than they did last night once they get into district play.
  8. mhsrbl202

    Campbell County @ Maryville

    Campbell County visits Maryville Tuesday night. I have heard that CC has some pretty big guys. Any thoughts on the outcome?
  9. mhsrbl202

    Karns @ Maryville...Hall of Fame Game

    I think Luke West led Rebel scorers with 17....I'm not 100% if that was the most though.
  10. Maryville beats Karns 78-50. Fersner held to around 14...mostly free throws.
  11. mhsrbl202


    Yes, Maryville beat Science Hill as well.
  12. mhsrbl202

    Memorable Games

    2003 Maryville @ Central Reg. Season Game.....probably the longest game I've ever attended when taking into account the 2 overtimes and the TV timeouts....but the game was worth every minute.
  13. mhsrbl202

    McMinn County -vs- William Blount

    Watch out for LB #56 to be fired up and to dish out some hard hits.
  14. mhsrbl202

    Maryville v.s. Mo West

    They announced at school today that the game is Thursday night at 7.
  15. mhsrbl202

    Maryville "Power" Football

    I also heard that the Nick boy quit. I do not believe that will stop Blount from giving M-Ville a heck of a game. This will be one of the games I look forward to the most this year.