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  1. North Greene didn't really hit the ball that well for the exception of one big inning. Their ace Bailey went all 6 Innings the other night, but dont be surprised if they roll him back around tomorrow. Good fastball probably tops out in the low 80's with a pretty tough curveball when he controls it.First pitch fastball type of pitcher,tends to get wild at times but for the most part has good control. Catcher has very good pop behind the plate,third base is probably their weakest spot on the field not really consistent.Overall hitting wise they are very diciplined and well coached.Dont be surprised if you see squeeze with runners on 1st and 3rd with one or no outs,and they really do a good job of moving runners over. I think the biggest difference between Unaka and North Greene is Unaka's big sticks just didn't hit the ball last night and it plays a big factor when you have a kid that can go out there and get 9 or 10 k's for you to oppsed to 1 maybe 2 and make your defense have to play alot more in the field. But I think when Unaka is hitting the ball with their big sticks along with the bottom of the order they are tougher than anyone.
  2. I think it is always good to have 1 or 2 starters in with your subs or younger kids just for the fact you get a good mixture of experience to help your younger kids take care of the basketball,create opportunities for other kids to get open shots ETC. I dont think it's right to press when you are up by 30 or 40 points in a basketball game just for the fact as a coach no matter if you hate the opposing team or coach you as a program/coach always want to show class and not embarrass the opposing teams kids.
  3. Is anybody else scratching their heads right now besides me wondering why the #1 prospect in the nation for 2011 did not throw in the 6 oclock game against Mt Juliet and only through 3 innings the whole tournament.. Was it arm issues?
  4. Unaka @ Harriman has been moved to Saturday game time 6:00 I believe. How is the weather looking in the Knoxville area tomorrow? Coach RC
  5. How do you get that Unaka baseball is weak? They have to get there the same way every other team does.Our program just does it on a consistent basis. Sure the conference and region is a little down but you will have that from time to time it's just a cycle. But the main point is we get down there year after year and Coach Ensor's program is by far the most dominant program in the single A class in Upper East Tennessee year in and year out along with Rockwood. Coach RC
  6. They should be pretty solid defensively with whoever they stick on the mound. they have 3 or 4 kids that can play different positions which will help us when those other 3 arent on the bump. I look for Unaka to be strong in the conference and can compete with alot of their teams they have scheduled out of conference. They got a good group of young players that can help out along with 5 or 6 starters returning. But all in all they have a good group of kids that work hard and want to get better everyday. Good luck and have a great season. Coach RC
  7. My philosophy I use which my old High School coach use to say which makes alot of sense is...I will discuss the weather with you anything having to do with the kid in the class room but playing time is a non negotiable.
  8. Melrose may not have played their best offensivley but you gotta look at it this way....Any time you can force a team of Science Hill's callibur to 20 or more turnovers thats a positive. The style of ball both teams play there is going to be quite a few with playing a fast paced style of play... I watched Humboldt and Manassis last year in the first round of the state tournament game and it the type of game if you blinked you would miss something... At the end of the game both teams had close to 25 turnovers a piece just by the style of basketball they were playing... But you can tell Melrose has the tools to be a dominant team not only at the Arby's but at the Boro as well. The posts work hard for the basketball they can explode to the goal and finish well. And it seems like each player takes the ball to the goal with a purpose. I look to see an exciting game against New York and Melrose with the tough defense and fast offensive style of play both teams bring to the table.
  9. The team out of GA ended up winning big over Greeneville by 35 or more. Rochelle NY defeated Sullivan East by about 23 or 25 and Tn High ended up winning by 10 or 11 over the team out of Kentucky. Coach RC
  10. Yea we had both teams on the ropes. Depth just hurt us in pretty crucial parts of the game to go along with foul trouble... Justin and Drew picked up their 4th and 3rd foul at the start of the 3rd qtr and we had to go to young. The Cross kid hurt us from East going to the line way to many times and they hit some pretty clutch 3's down the stretch when we had it cut to about 4 or 5 but thats basketball. For the most part it seems like we are getting better even though we didnt get the the W against East or Tn High there was good signs to each outcome of the game. But the staff is doing a good job kids are working hard and the younger kids are showing some promise for later on down the road. But we got a tough one Friday down at North Greene hopefully we will come prepared to play in a tough enviroment and come out with a win. Coach RC
  11. Out of respect for Coach White I will say that Hampton is a very good ball team with alot of talent. But you must believe not only in the coaching staff but in the kids as well. I am a true ranger fan at heart and believe you me even when we won the state championship we took our beatings early in the season. lost to Science Hill by about 18 lost to a good pickett county team by about 35 but the community and coaches stuck with us through good and the ugly haha. But thats the best part about basketball is seeing how teams can deal with adversity when the going is rough. Even though we won we didnt really start playing our best basketball till the very end of the season and thats when your really tested in my opinion. And its like we tell our kids in our middle school program we can draw up x's and o's offensively and defensively and scouting reports till the sun goes down but until they learn to play the right way and not their way and listen to mother and father and so on they will be just an average ball team it doesnt matter if you have 5 studs who can put up 25 points a game if you dont believe in your coaches and dont have confidence to buy in to what they are trying to do with their program you are probably playing in the wrong place. The ones who want to buy into what coach white is trying to do with the program will be good players the ones who dont will stay at the same level they are performing at. But give them time its very early and that whole staff is a good group of guys its very early so stay positive coach rc
  12. yea I talked to a ref that said they didnt play to well in the 4th quarter and south greene gave them some trouble but everyone knows its tough playing in Greene County thats a given. But its still early you could go 10-22 as long as u win the games that counts when it comes crunch time thats all that matters. But you still want to get better as the season progresses practice by practice and game by game. Coach RC
  13. Alot of teams better not over look University High...Even though they only won 1 game in the Hardees they played Unicoi and Sullivan East down the the wire and they beat Elizabethton pretty bad today. They are very well coached they are patient on offense,they have a very good inside game.The Evans kid has elevated his game big time since last year and they play very hard on the defensive end. But overall I think they are going to give some teams problems T.M.O Coach RC
  14. Potential wise I believe if he keeps playing like he is 6'11 and becomes more physical in the paint then my pick has to be Zach Garland from Crockett. He is a very good shot blocker,Shoots the ball well from the free throw line to be his size and he dont force alot of shots when he gets the ball in the paint. Although he is still a little raw he has the potential once he develops how to be physical in the paint to be a very high D1 recruit if not take over any game he chooses. But that comes with maturity. He is still 16 years old if I am not mistaken and still has alot of time to develope his skills but that will come in time. But like I said once he starts developing a physical type of game on offense and understanding how to score facing up to the basket he will be one tough player to handle for opposing teams. Dont get me wrong Cross from East is a player along with Lyle and Hughes but from a college prospective he has the tools to be special if he keeps developing his game. Coach RC
  15. Unaka is just going to have to come out and play great on the defensive side of the football and control the game offensively.. If we can play mistake free for the most part of the game and slow down the run Unaka will have a good shot at winning.. I dont think Cosby was to strong but penalties killed us I would probably bet the farm we had over 100 yards in penalties if not it was really close... Against a good team like Rockwood we are going to have to cut down on the penalties and just come out and play very tough on both sides of the ball but we shall be tested Friday. Coach RC
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