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  1. Has the date been set for next year?
  2. Do McCallie, Bayor, etc not participate in this?
  3. I am sure Derek will have some input on the kids program, not sure that it needs much of a ramping up though! That program has been plenty successful and appears to be poised to continue to do so. However, always open to your feedback on what you think we could do better... should be interesting. Probably important to keep in mind that the TWF's focus really isn't youth wrestling, it is spring and summer freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling. They have chosen to leave the youth wrestling stewardship in TN to the TNAAU. Hey, just gathered he'd be involved since it is such a big part of his resume: Harrison devotes much of his time away from King to multiple northeast Tennessee youth wrestling programs as both a coach and administrator. He serves as the assistant coach for Team Tornado Wrestling Club College Division and is the head coach for Team Tornado Wrestling K-12 Division, both positions he has held since 2009. Between the two programs, Harrison works with boys ages 8-18 and teaches Freestyle, Greco, and Folkstyle wrestling. But glad to hear you think y'all are all squared away and don't need his help. More time to devote to getting the High School ready.
  4. Congrats to Christian Brothers for getting their guy. He seems to be really involved with youth wrestling through the TWF, maybe he'll ramp up their kids program too.
  5. What's the story here? Anything official? Have they narrowed down their national search at least?
  6. Man, that Logan Whiteside must be some bad dude.
  7. SCOTT WELLS … Brentwood Academy … 2x state champ; 1998-99 … ’98 OW … 4x cadet national champion at Fargo; 2x in Greco/Roman and 2x in Freestyle … undefeated two seasons in Tenn.
  8. NCW will have Signups and practice this Sunday, October 16, in the wrestling room at Father Ryan High School. 4:30-6:30. Open to 5th-8th grade boys. For more information and forms please visit www.nashvillecatholicwrestling.com.
  9. Father Ryan will host a k-6 camp Monday through Friday, June 6-June 10, from 9am-12noon. Cost is $50 per child. Registration is available at http://www.fatherryan.org/Page/Athletics/Summer-Camps
  10. Nashville Catholic Wrestling starts this Sunday, October 18. Practices are Sunday 4:30-6:30 and Monday/Wednesday 5:30-7:15. Practices are currently held at Father Ryan High School. Open to any boys grade 5-8. For more information please visit www.nashvillecatholicwrestling.com
  11. Two big wins for Chalifoux there.
  12. Seriously? First two posts and this is what you bring? An easy fix for you, don't go. Personally, I think $10 a month is way cheap to take advantage of that room.
  13. I seriously doubt Logan went 110 for any other reason than that is where he was. He went 104 at Philo.
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