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  1. I have said this before and I say it again. Region 5 3A is the toughest Region in all of 3A. The 4 teams that make it to the playoffs each year have survived most games. This region sends 4 teams to the playoffs that have been battered each and every game that they play. Many will disagree that this is the toughest region in all of 3A, but I beg to differ and will argue the point with anyone.
  2. Cornersville is approx 65 miles south of Nashville. I65 South to exit 27 or 22 both exits lead into Cornersville
  3. One player that I know of and maybe more by now have already hit the road. It will be interesting to see how the ring leader of most of what went on with last years team reacts to Coach Thomas. My only hope is that he says what he means and means what he says and hold the players feet to the fire !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I agree - No bashing the past. All I see so far on this thread is facts and it is supported facts. Until that changes I see nothing that has been posted that is rumor or trash talking. I admire WJ for resigning and getting on with his life. To whatever he does or wherever he goes I wish him the best.
  5. I know some will think this post is about someone else but it isn't. Rumor out of the Football Banquet this past weekend was that WJ could not attend due to the fact that he was in Mississippi interviewing for a coaches job. . Truth or not I do not know -- like I said that is what was told after the Banquet last weekend. I am praying for anyone who has a child playing football anywhere in MS
  6. Not Me -- If you clean house you keep it clean. Personally, both good guys, but IMO still tied to the "other" former admin a little to close. If I were looking to bring back anyone that has/had been there before I would be making a trip to Franklin County and begging Kermit Reed to return. An all around good guy and he is a players coach. He won't just tell you what to do, he will get out there and show you what to do and work with you to make your game better.
  7. Well the law has been layed down in MC. Coach Thomas met with players Tuesday afternoon and he put it on the line as far as what to expect in the offseason and during the season. He also explained a few discipline issues, dress code and some other things. One day on the job and some are praising him and some just don't know what to think. Congrats for the above. This being a big problem of the past administration is taken care of and things can only get better from here.
  8. With what has taken place at Marshall County in the past few hours I would have to say Don Thomas -- Marshall County High School Welcome to Lewisburg Coach Thomas -- MC ha s been looking for a few good men and the Calvary has arrived
  9. It's official -- Don Thomas is the new Head Coach of the Marshall County Tiger Football Team. May I be the first to welcome Coach Thomas to Marshall County. He has a big task ahead of him but everything I have heard about him he is the man for the job. Best of Luck to Coach Thomas and The Marshall County Tigers in 2007. You have as much if not more potential for 2007 than you had for 2006. Keep your noses to the grindstone in the offseason and come out next fall and show the world what Marshall County has to offer. ps -- My prediction for the next coach was wrong but so what it wasn't the first time I have been wrong nor will it be the last
  10. There you go again ASSUMING you know who I am. I know who you think I am and yes he and I are friends, but that is where that relationship stops. I disagree with those who are in the wrong. I only disagree with you because you sit behind a radio mike and every now and then a TV camera with your WAXO cronies and that makes you think you know everything. That is why most of your posts are still condoning the actions of the coach of 3 years ago. Those whom you associate with thought he was God. Go toot your horn on the band forum and leave this topic to those who always have and always will care about MC Athletics. BTW bulldog it is a 6 year contract with an option for a 4 year extension with a new vehicle each year and housing.
  11. Amen -- You Took The Words Right From My Mouth. I respect Lipscomb for the way their fans treat the opposing teams/fans, but that is where is stops for me. I truly believe it shuold be private vs private and public vs public. Until that happens there will never be a real balance in TN High School Sports. A couple of comments/questions: Who/What is Lipscomb afraid of in Division II? IF you want to stay in Division I why not step totally up to the plate and be like BA a few years ago play in 5A instead of 3A. And yes,I know you are a 2A school playing in 3A because of the multiplier.
  12. You Can't Tell What You Don't Know !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Well the day has come. I held out this post and my prediction until game day. This will be a great battle between the City Slickers and the Hillbillies. IMO the Hillbillies have nothing to loose since they are in unchartered territiory. I look for Giles County to come out on top, not by much, but a win. Giles if they are as smart as they seem to be should throw the play book at Lipscomb and take no prisoners. Marshall County and Giles County have been long rivals in every sport, but at times like this you put those things aside and join arms. Best of Luck to the Giles County Bobcats from your friends to the North. Bagpipes or Not -- A Country Boy Can and Will Survive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I will say it again -- The next coach at MC doesn't reside in the state at this time. Yes they are holding out until a couple finish the playoffs but like I said before this is totally out of respect for these two men since they called and asked for a consideration only after they finish their season. If these two should make it to the 'Boro a decision will have hopefully been made by then. Rumor has it they want a decision to be made by the first week of December, that way he can be on staff at the start of the 2nd semester. Here again -- Only time will tell ..............................
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