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  1. If there is anything I get tired of hearing, its about Cloudland's past winning seasons. Why is it that people insist on living in the past? THere have been a lot of changes with players and coaching staff but we will be back. ALL TEAMS endure the same situation that we are experiencing right now. If not this year or the next. the Landers will rise again. I will say that fan support has fallen, but the guys who are on that field this season do have the heart and the guts. It is not fair for people to pass judgements like Storm did. Storm, go someplace else to pout, Good Lord, we have played one game! It is way too early to start the doom and gloom that seems to be so popular with certain posters. GO GET EM GUYS!!!!!!!!!! And as Jerry always says, "COME GETCHA SOME"!!
  2. Hey, neighbor! I just tried to send you a private message, and it didn't work. Can you send me a link to that ncpreps site? I used to have it, but it went away somewhere. My email address is [email protected] If that doesnt work, stop by the house. May
  3. This is the final year any of our boys get to play at cloudland for quite a few years! He has great and deep respect for Robbie. He has been playing for years, but this year he seems to be pushing himself as hard as he can, so that's great! We do have a grandson that looks like he may take the team by storm in say.........16 years!! Jerry and I are looking forward to the Avery game! Sheesh I will have a lot of former students on the Avery team, it will seem sort of weird! The Hancock scrimmage was cancelled. I wonder if it was due to the horrible heat?
  4. These boys mean business........
  5. RJ you are my hero!!!! Cloudland High School is rebuilding, and from what I hear they are gonna kick some serious butt this year!
  6. Turbeyfill has his heart in this thing, and I think Cloudland WILL improve this year. They won't be "down" like they were last year!
  7. Hey Gerry Yes we are watching it! Lots of new faces this year. I went on the nascar site to try to print out a list of drivers (car number, sponsor, racing team etc) and no matter what I do, it only prints out part of the pages. Do you know of any other sites that mght have this information?
  8. Turbeyfille played for Cloudland, so that in itself is positive. He's a Roan Mountain bred Highlander, and my heart says that he is in this for more than just the "glory" for lack of a better word. I just hope that the general community is going to back up what I have heard is going to be some good play changes in the forecast. I absolutely hope that he knows what he is up against. It's a tough stadium at Orr Field. I feel very positive about all this
  9. Well I have heard some BS in my life but this is hilarious! Nick is behind my right shoulder as I type dying of laughter~
  10. It was announced today at Cloudland that Robby Turbeyfill may take over as head coach next year. Nothing official, just what came across the wire. A fresh start with some good talent coming up, this sounds real good!
  11. Good luck to Hampton Friday night! Carter County will be well represented!
  12. From a teaching standpoint, Terry Smith would not even consider coming to Tennessee from North Carolina. I teach in North Carolina, and I was once approached by a former principal from Cloudland about a teaching position that I immediately turned down. I would have taken a $16,000.00 cut! So get the idea of Terry Smith coming over here to take that much of a cut PLUS his retirement years going down the drain!
  13. The players seem to have a lot of respect for John Julian. He has been a fine assistant coach for several years. If the new head coach would be appointed from within, I think Julian would make a great coach.
  14. Good Luck Bulldogs, make Carter County proud!
  15. This entire thread is ridiculous. Four things about this I am ired about: 1. The King has straightened up his act on here. I am glad. But fans from other teams seem to wish it was like the old days when he was less than savory on a lot of posts. I respect him for taking the stance that he has. I think it should be noted. I also want to note that this person who calls himself The King is one person and does not in any way represent the town of Roan Mountain. 2. Hampton is going to win this game. There is no reason for all the pumping up about it. It's a done deal and you guys know it. You have a fine team that is right now in the winner's spotlight. Enjoy it! But don't flaunt it, it's in very bad taste. You have our old coach. Why go on and on about it? It was his choice to leave Cloudland. 3. Cloudland needs a new head coach. We need someone who is willing to take risks with some innovative plays. We have some talent that is probably heartbroken at this point. The guys will show up and play to the best of their coached ability. I wish the players the best! 4. Playoff fame is temporary, from High school on up to the pros. Why does everyone keep referring back to the days of Bird, Benfield, and so on? Thanks for hearing me out. May
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