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  1. WRONG... It's called "Heads Up Tackling" and it is being pushed by the NFL and the NCAA. The NFHS is taking the helmet out of the game by rule. Coaches must learn to teach their players not to use your helmet on either side of the ball.
  2. Call the TSSAA office and ask them... it is the only way to know for sure.
  3. It's tough for the kids and the football program. Jasper had climbed out of a deep dark hole and was respectable again. This is a huge setback. Let this be a lesson to all of us who coach... lead by example, teach fundamentals, and don't do stupid things in hopes of motivating players. Head coaches can't always control what their assistant coaches do but we are responsible for their actions when it effects our programs or draws unnecessary and negative attention to them. Hopefully, the next guy will right the ship and point them in the right direction.
  4. Bob... Congratulations on a great season.
  5. You old sea dog.... don't you have anything better to do?
  6. Coach Bland is a great coach and he will be missed at Humboldt. If the rumors are true and he is headed to Trenton in 2013, they will greatly benefit from his years of experience.
  7. Wardawg, my old friend... I think District 14A will be a nice place to coach with the addition of GCHS. It seems like a total NWTN district and I'm sure most everyone is happy with the composition of teams.
  8. Most schools will not hire transitional certificates because they have to sign on to two or three years working with that teacher and schools will not commit to those terms and the paperwork unless it is in a shortage area. You can check out TEACH FOR AMERICA and if you qualify you will find a job very quickly.
  9. ELA

    Macon Co. Tigers

    The new proposed district alignment may make this an attractive program for some coaches. A school of this size should be able to compete at some level.
  10. Let me start by saying I do not like the continuation of the current scheme; however, the districts don't look that bad with a quick glance at the proposed districts across the state.
  11. Good luck to Coach Rewis and the Hickman County staff... Bob, I hope you get your win!
  12. OSK24: We were there together from 96-99. It was a good staff and some great football players. Those were GOOD TIMES at SHHS! I miss those days and think about you guys all the time. Maybe you should coach? You could sure teach the boys how to play LB and LIFT!
  13. Good luck to my son, Coach Jon Atkins and the Halls staff. I know this is an uphill struggle, there's no doubt WEST CARROLL is good. GO TIGERS!
  14. Congratulations to the HALLS TIGERS and my son, Assistant Coach Jon Atkins for a big win over LC and a trip to the post season. Coach Hurt and staff have done a good job this year... the team has improved greatly these past two seasons. GOOD LUCK next week.
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