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  1. Still got a lot of wrk to do just to be mentioned in the ‘Top -10 in state.
  2. Come on Am...B. BS has an nice ‘Ring to it.
  3. Nothing wrong with an ‘Stach’ Roy. 3-putt has been sporting one sine 76.. lol. Oh he’s got an nice ‘Golf swing’. I’ve seen him in his youth. Congratulations BS! Nice ring.
  4. Been retired 2-1/2 yrs. daing body got all screwed up. Sticks it closet. Give it an few more yrs & the grandson will have me back out.
  5. Finally.. we’vE. Got the ‘Goat’...
  6. I’ve got yrs / games / scores also. Give me an Hollar & I’ll share what I have
  7. my father played 56-58 .( Edgar Setters & Jim Sat ) I tried to do a little research a few yrs ago on coaches of Hartsville / TC... This is what i came up with. it may not be correct so please feel free to correct me on anything. R.N Chenault 1909-1918 R.M Blair 1919-1921 William "Bill" White 1922 Jack Batey 1923-1925 W.C Robertson 1926 R.J Simpson 1927 Price Womack 1928-1929 Gene Mcllwain 1930-1932 Hugh Wise 1933 C.V Baker 1934-1941 C.L "Pap" Cummins 1942-1944 Slone Jobe 1945 Joe Smith 1946-1949 Kirby Jordan 1950-1952 Jamie Wade 1952-1953 Billy Mathews 1954-1955 Edgar Setters / Jim Sat. 1956-1961 Jim Satterfield 1962-1967 Johnny Bean / Jim Sat 1968-1971 Tony Majors / Jim Sat 1972-1975 Jim Sat 1976-1982 Clint Sat 1983-2007 Kevin Creasy 2008-2014 David Barker 2015-2016 Brad Waggner 2017-2018 ?? 2019
  8. reckon we'll know by the end of the week?
  9. Will ‘Caine Ballard’ try an 2yr/3 stent at TC.
  10. Well guys .. it was good on the ‘T’ this season. Hope .. I’m able to see another in 2019. Pray all stay safe! Good doing a little jawing from time to time.
  11. How good is it.. wait.. I’m reading all of these ‘posts
  12. I have bbq my ‘crow’ ...didn’t tast that well. I can handle a little Silver. Along with those 73,74,75 ‘Jackets’ . # Smallest co in the state of TN.
  13. ✅ h20’s finest . Tks for referring to my ‘home page. Lol
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