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  1. Very good yr Hampton! I’m know it stings’. Now the bar is set. Keep-on-a-keepn-on.
  2. Ck dat’. All from Far East TN. Take care & bring it home to the community. The Standard has been set’..
  3. I’m sure they are! Tell butchie hello & I’ll catch up with Duck’ one day after a while’
  4. This one was for Ole ‘Duck’ & Butchie’… very nice! Two outstanding supporters I’ve met in times gone by.
  5. Outstanding again..heck-of-an-football game’. And welcome to the club. We’ve been there a time or 2. Go get that that gold! Congrats Dawgs’. Well done. Keep the focus & intensity. Now we’re 1-1. Go Dowgs’!
  6. Dang goodN’. Outcome was was what I was hoping, but dang What an game to listen too I’d bet better to witness
  7. Outstanding! Heck of an game! Bring it home H..
  8. I’ll not be able to make it, but for sure be listening on the ole radio. Hope all is safe during travels & hope it’s an injury free slobber knocking game. Go Jackets’ !
  9. Tell Deputy Dog’. Here we come again.
  10. Still around. Just reading more than.. making comments
  11. Survivor.. here. Lol. I’ve Been quite here . just reading & laughing. All good I’ve not caught up with you yet but working on it’. Lol.
  12. Once again after all these yrs that have past. Who would have thunk’. When ur playing . Tks-Giving wkend’ in H-School football. It’s an good’ yr! Two great programs about to face off.next week. Go Trousdale J’. Pujo’. It’s on again. Lol.
  13. Deputy D’. I’m still around. Just cking in. Good to see ya back in the C______ ranks again. those boys look like the G & Fishing is doing well
  14. U2 Far East brother. I C we both got the W’ last night. Just maybe we all can meet up as we have in yrs gone by. Good to see These two programs getting to the next Rnd. Stay safe
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