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  1. itzme

    CPA 2017

    He was very kind and helpful to me on a non-football related issue I work on. Only met him in person that one time, but know others who have worked with him. That constitutes my "accumulation" (sic) of data.
  2. itzme

    CPA 2017

    Briefly logging on for my first comment in a long time. Ingle Martin is a class act.
  3. itzme

    DII tourney

    Well...nobody that is affiliated with DII really comments, because for better or worse, CoachT is not really very interested. Check out the "Printable Brackets" on the home page, and you'll see what I mean. The fact that nobody has even bothered to try and get them corrected is testament to the importance that CoachT puts on DII, and that DII puts on CoachT. That Harding v. FRA game was pretty awesome yesterday though!
  4. I can't remember the last time I actually posted on this board. I don't attend the games anymore (makes me too sad) but sometimes watch them on TV. I see the same old crap is still going on here though. Kind of funny really.
  5. I enjoyed it too. I just don't follow it closely enough anymore to have an informed opinion. ...not that said state of mind stops many from posting! BTW, my wife and I had the pleasure of speaking to the entire MBA student body a couple of weeks ago. Very impressed with the facility as well as the young men attending.
  6. On here for the first time in a long time. Things haven't changed much. Some of you guys are troopers. Seriously, why do you bother?
  7. It's Hubie Smith. Official. Good hire.
  8. Well perhaps I'm mistaken then. I'm not trying to take anything away from MUS' big win. It was simply a commentary on my experiences in Memphis in the past. I have nothing but respect for MUS and their teams. Your team won. Enjoy it, and good luck against Ensworth.
  9. No real vested interest in the game. I don't even know any of the kids on the team. I just have been to Memphis too many times! It's actually much worse in basketball! Nor did I watch any of the game except the very end. My point was about the intentional grounding call at the end. Maybe it was a beautifully reffed game all the way up to that point. Congrats to MUS on a big win. The QB looked really great!
  10. Say one thing for Memphis refs...they never change!
  11. If I remember right, the long snapper was Tom Santi, wasn't it? One of the very few mistakes I ever saw him make! Ironically, both of his sisters were BA students. It was a fluky win, I'll admit. MBA was more talented and experienced than BA that year for sure. The main thing most of the MBA folks were mad about at the time was the last split second field goal by BA to force the OT. I honestly don't recall any discussion about the MBA firld goal attempt in OT. But I wasn't paying much attention at that point!
  12. I'll never forget the 2003 MBA at BA game. Undefeated MBA was ranked in the top ten nationally by USA Today. A very young but talent laden BA team won by means of that last second "controversial" field goal. Sorry, my MBA friends, but it was legit. I've watched the video many times. That was MBA's only loss, and they went on to throttle BA in the state championship game. That MBA team was one of the most talented teams I've seen.
  13. "I feel like I'm in a John Knowles novel." You went to BA...you aren't supposed to be smart or well read!
  14. No opinion on the game...haven't seen McCallie play. I will say that visiting McCallie is one thing I really miss about HS football. Great facility, great crowd. DII seems to have changed a bit lately in terms of sportsmanship and civility. McCallie is the gold standard for sportsmanship, both on the field and in the stands.
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