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  1. TonyG

    Memphis BB

    Brown is legit.
  2. TonyG

    Memphis BB

    Good move. 2 years left of high school and most of the point guards will be seniors when he steps onto a campus. He's getting better and better and could go down as the best PG in his class. Dont think itll matter much but his Dad is a frat brother of Matlock and Penny's. But when you're a kid ranked as high as he will end up, its about the best opportunity to get you to the next level.
  3. TonyG

    Memphis BB

    Matthew Murrell and Kennedy Chandler finished atop the UAA and EYBL respectively. Hoop City's 16s were bounced in the final 4 of the Adidas gauntlet in a 1 pt OT loss. Memphis kids represented well this summer. Salute to the boys.
  4. TonyG

    Memphis BB

    Great guy to fill in and produce with what he has. Could see him grooming the next guy to take over the helm in a the few years.
  5. TonyG

    Memphis BB

    Chandler is my #1, kid has really gotten better over the years. And i'd take Brown then Lawson. Miller is raw. And Jackson is young. Chandler could somewhat compare to Garland when its done. Garland was a special kid that would arguably be the #2 pick had he been healthy, top 5 is still a huge blessing but i think he couldve taken some of the Ja Morant spotlight. Not saying he will be Garland but maybe his Briarcrest career will be similar to Garland at Brentwood.
  6. TonyG

    Memphis BB

    Southwind lost 6'7 big Kameron Jones and veteran pg Ashton Smith. I know Edwards loses alot year in and out and gets a squad together every time, but i think Houston is the team that should take the next step. Very young and long team. I wonder how scarce Whitehaven will be next year. I know alot of the core kids their followed Phillips to whitehaven, and I've seen Jesse Payne playing with Trezvant this summer so i wonder how it will look next year. But then again its the summer. I saw a kid play with 2 different schools one summer and was enrolled elsewhere when August came. Also remember the summer before Wiseman came to town East had all the star players that won the championship at Hamilton two years ago on the squad. Summer is crazy sometimes.
  7. If this does happen, will suck for Alvin Miles. No way he can transfer from whitehaven to his neighborhood school woodale and then go back because his new coach heads to his old school. If this plays out I think he will end up at East to be their pg for a year. Just like you said, they will find a way for him to be eligible.
  8. Expect the Whitehaven job to be officially open very soon whenever Vanderbuilt announces the hiring of Faragi Phillips. Putting my money on Keelon Lawson filling that role.
  9. Coach Kevin Starks left to join Hubie Smith at Brentwood if im not mistaken. Maybe a move towards Hubie's replacement on the down the road. Hubie is also a Harding graduate so there has to be some connection there.
  10. I dont think its a question of killer instinct, i think its more of unselfishness. Undervalued experienced guys get the best of notable players on all levels all the time, its the beauty of the game.
  11. Great team and great season for them. They showed they were undoubtedly the best team in AAA. Still shocked how well they neutralized whitehavens guards. And i might repeat that glover is the real deal until may lol
  12. If Dandrige were available i would give East the lean still but Wiseman cant patrol the paint and prevent the stretch big from scoring.
  13. Bearden all but has its gameplan for East if they win.
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