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Everything posted by WatchThis

  1. BA/MBA 03 at BA on Halloween was pretty awesome.
  2. www.hirecoachpittman.com
  3. It's funny to see someone with 30 posts come in and bash Wes, a faithful CoachT vet.
  4. If your in the Mid Tn area Tuesday night, come watch some hard hits in the clinic bowl.
  5. I don't believe he has any real offers yet. I think he will after the season, which is good so he can stay focused on winning the state championship first.
  6. I believe the flag was for late hit. It was the one on the sideline. He had just stepped out of bounds but, I don't think Tyler could have stopped his momentum.
  7. MUS better be throwing 5 yard stops. http://boards.coacht.com/index.php?showtopic=86523
  8. I updated the server. It is a lot faster. Everyone check out these highlights. Tyler Griffin, Brentwood Academy. Three hits, one game.
  9. I'm sorry if this stream is very slow... I am uploading the file into a faster server within the next few days... It is worth the wait however...
  10. These hits are actually of Tyler's Sophomore season. I have just now had time to post them. Enjoy. This is what J.D. Lawhorn shall be fearing in the Clinic Bowl. Here is the link : Hits of the Year
  11. WatchThis

    Hardest hitter!

    Tyler Griffin. I have a video of his ready to be put on a server to show you guys. It will be on here soon. If any of you have a server that I can send it to that would be awesome.
  12. I'll add John Garrett to BA's list. He's been starting BOTH ways, and making plays. He is very solid and has a good future in front of him. He is very coachable which is a good attribute I like about him.
  13. My comment wasn't meant to be an "excuse". MBA averages 5 hold penalties a game, they did not have one called. They were tackling our players. I'm just pointing this out because I hate that home teams have a reffing advantage. This is pretty much true anywhere you go, but in a rivalry game like this I don't enjoy it. Beasley's "late hit" etc. Sorry don't hate me.
  14. I'll go ahead and throw this out: the refs were horribly one sided. Did anyone else notice this?
  15. This is definitely the biggest rivalry in the state. Last year's game was mentioned as the feature game of the week in USA Today. This is one of the most classic cross town rivalries in the nation. If you aren't planning to go once again the game will be played on Comcast. I hope you all will check it out. This year's game will be faught in the trenches. Expect it to be close.
  16. WatchThis

    BA 2004

    Sad how this slips off into Coach T land.
  17. WE WANT PITTMAN. Coach Flatt doesn't listen to him. He does what he wants and is so closed minded. Everyone over here at BA agrees with me. It is sad.
  18. Super 7 is pretty weak this year. I would say CBHS and MUS are the most likely candidates for the championship.
  19. both of those are really sad and really scary
  20. ACL is not torn... Doctors say 2-3 weeks. Had to repair the meniscus, but the ACL was only stretched. It's a miracle!
  21. I was just wondering how CBHS in Memphis is doing. I haven't heard much about them. Does anyone know?
  22. I used to play with Kimbro back in peewee... how big is he now?
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