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  1. Never underestimate any one. On any given night, things can go wrong if you are not prepared. Practice hard, play harder! Win this one first PC then worry about WC. GO VIKINGS!
  2. This one should be a barn burner! I have to go with PC. Good Luck Vikings.
  3. Sounds like Coach Rice has his boys in shape. Good Job Rick. I hope to get up there and see the WC vs. PC game.
  4. PC wins by 20, Good Luck Friday night Vikings!
  5. I have to go with PC on this one. Good Luck Vikings!
  6. Good Luck Vikings! I know that Tucker is an athlete and is probably doing well, but who else on the PC team is playing well at this point?
  7. Sounds like it is going to be a good game, but I have to go with the Vikings on this one. Good Luck Vikings!
  8. Congratulations to all of the players who made the list. You all had to work very hard to get to where you are. Good Luck Jacob Tucker of P.C.
  9. Forgot about beating C'ville last year. Hope to pick up that first 2nd round win tonight. I did hear about Jacob being up for Mr. Football. I am excited for him. Good Luck Vikings!
  10. Two or Three playoff apperances across the river if I remeber correctly. All of them were 1st round losses. One of those was to Bruceton. Good Luck Vikings!
  11. I coached Jacob Tucker in Middle School, and that kid has a heart bigger than the football itself. Tyler is also a great QB. It will be a fun matchup to watch. Wish I could be there to see it.
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