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    Morristown East Hurricanes

    Wells was the wrong choice to take over East Football program when Coach Hatcher lifted. The fault falls directly on East's administration. I try to talk too Principal Johnson after he hired Wells, that I didn't think he was the right guy to more East football to the next level. I was proven right, he wasted more talent than just about any coach East has had in the last 20 years. He couldn't win at Campbell Co. and he had more talent to work with in Morristown and still could win. What make matter worst was Morristown West has been down the past few years and he couldn't beat them; his record was 0-5. 2 of those years, East didn't score a single point. Yes, the new private school is going to take some of the better athletes away from both schools, but the right coach could turn thing around. East has to hire a new principal (This is a good thing) before it can look for a new Head Football coach. I will have to disagree with the statement that there isn't support and the parents are always throwing the coaches under the bus. I have been an East High supporter since my son played there 16 year ago, and I travel to just about every football game. The reason some parents get upset with the coaches is because they lie to their sons. Repletely lying to people and messing over people children will get most parents upset. Enough on the past, it is time to move forward. It is going to take the right coach to take over the program now, because the talent level is way down. Coach Wells did a very poor job with offseason weightlifting and conditioning that the new Head Coach is starting at ground zero. East has over 1600 students, so getting more players out is priority # 1. 2nd he got to do something with our middle school’s feeder programs. Our middle schools run whatever offense or defense they want and most of these kids have no clue what to do when they get to high school. East's next head coach has got to get the middle schools to run his offense and defense. I cannot speak for everyone on the East side of town, but for the right coach, many of us are willing to put our money where our mouth is. Finally, we need a coach that has won a state championship or at least gotten their. We would be happy with one of the top assistance coaches from Maryville or Greenville, if they want to give Morristown a try. Knowing how to win is half of the battle.

    Head Coaching Vacancies

    I am hope their is a change at Morristown East, 5 years of avg. win total of 3-4 games a year and being 0-5 against your crosstown team Morristown West should warrant a head coaching change. East has over 1600 students and Coaches Wells is luck to have 50 players come out. Our schools best athletes will not play for him. He didn't win at Campbell Co. and now we know he cannot win at East.

    Any Morristown East fans still on here?

    They will if the money is right. Getting one of the assistance coaches to leave programs like Alcoa, Maryville and Greenville require support from community and the school principal . Also, they need money and freedom to hire a few new assistance coaches to help turn program around. No-one is going to take a pay cut and then take over a losing program without having away to bring some new coaches with him. Of course we can keep what we have and go 1-9 next year!

    Any Morristown East fans still on here?

    The funny part is the same bad luck has been following Morristown East every since Wells became Head Coach. Just about every game its we would've or could've done this or that the game would be different. It is bad coaching when every week you keep turnover the ball and cannot tackle. East has to be leading the region in turnover per game. At some point there has to be a root cause for all this bad luck. I rest my case!

    Any Morristown East fans still on here?

    Game went just as I thought it would, another RB (Cole) rushing for 300 yards. Nothing is going to change until Morristown East removes Wells as head coach. He has a career losing record at Campbell Co. for over 10 years and has done even worst for Morristown East the last 5 years. He is 0-5 to Morristown West and in 2 of those years we didn’t score a single point. Same problem every year, East cannot stop the run and offense cannot score. Wells doesn’t know how to win because he never done it. He still hasn’t figure out the need for a real offseason conditioning program. East gets whipped on both sides off the ball just about every game because of not using the weight room in the offseason. Yes, East has made the playoff, but they have backed end just about every year. I believe East has only had one year where they had a winning record going into the playoff. Speaking of the playoff, East got in one year by beating Cherokee and back-in two more years because Boone & Crockett were suspended for post season play because of fighting. I really do not understand why Coach Wells is still Morristown East head coach. He should have never been given the job in the 1st place, because we already knew what we were getting based on his years at Campbell Co. East is 1-6 again this year and I see no-way they will back into the playoff this year. They will have to win their remaining three games and that is not going to happen. There will be a New Head Coach for 2019 season, I just hope the principal hire someone who has won or at least coached on a championship team. I would go after the assistant coaches at Maryville, Alcoa and maybe Greenville. They all know what it takes to win a state championship.

    Morristown East or West Football

    You maybe on to something, why do we have two high schools anyway? With one big high school we would bring the whole town back together. The biggest benefits would be taxes payers money would be able to be spend on hiring more teachers, improving advance classes, and helping kids learn English when that is not there 1st language. I am sure it cost a lot of money keeping two high schools going. What about the saving in overhead cost like reducing the number of assistant Principals and cutting out one Principal all together. What about increasing our teacher pay? I know there pay is way behind other city simpler to Morristown. I would like to know what other people think.

    Morristown East or West Football

    You are correct it was 1969, sorry about getting my year mixed up.

    Morristown East or West Football

    This is true East's won in 1966, but we haven't been close since. Now we are just plain avg. football team with bad coaching and player devolepment. It seems like I am reliving UT football mess all over again. Until East get the right coach nothing is going to chance.

    Morristown West and Catholic

    Sound like another long year for Morristown West. Having to play the teams on this year schedule is going to be stuff. I knew playing 6A football was going to be rough, but I thought this year they would be better.

    Morristown East or West Football

    I believe spring practices is going on now for both Morristown High schools. Has anyone seen them practice or scrimmage another team? I just wondering how many players each team has and does it look like they have spend the offseason in the weight room.

    Morristown East or West Football

    Surely someone out there has some type of comment. Over 100 people have read my post and not a single reply to my post. No-one from either high school cares enough to comment one way or another. This show me where Morristown is really at. No wonder they are building Lakeway Christian high school. I guess most parents are done with both high schools, education or sports is just not getting it done. It is really hard to change what is going on to the football program at East high school when no-one seems to care!
  12. I am not sold on neither of are High School coaches. To be fair, Sanders has to play 6A football and last year was his 1st year on the Job. Now at East, Wells has been there 5 years and hasn't been close to beating Morristown West and plays in one of the weakest 5A region in the whole state. East should be 7-3 every year base on the talent they have had the pass few years. What is so sad, this year team has a chance of being really good, but coaching is going to do them in again. Both schools better get there act together really soon, because the new private high school off Exit 4 in white pine is schedule to open 2019. There is enough family at both school that can afford to send their children to a private school, and the best athlete will have a chance to get Scholarship. Just maybe this will shake the powers to be into action before it is to late.
  13. That is my whole point, East’s Academics are avg. and Football is below avg. East’s has a good boys’ basketball team the past few years, and the girl softball team lost in the sub state this past season. What I am trying to get across, is excellent comes from the top. What is Morristown East ranking academically in the state? They are just below the middle in all round performance when it comes to state test scores and funding. There maybe things that I do not understand that is hurting Mr. Johnson from reaching the goal. Just like Tennessee had to let Butch Jones go, just maybe we need to let some others go too. I can only judge base on what has happen under his watch the last 10-15 years. It just seems to me East’s is avg. in the classroom and on the field. If some has facts to prove me wrong, please post them.
  14. You have hit the nail right on the head, Principal Johnson can be a butt head. He is the reasons we are in this mess with Coach Wells to start with. Why would you hire someone who has a career losing record? Just like Teachers, it is Mr. Johnson job to make sure they perform their dues. When they are not, he must let them go. Mr. Johnson needs to ask for Wells to step down at Morristown East. If he doesn’t I am going to make a point to see him removed from being principal. This shouldn’t be too hard, because I know the school board has been getting complains on him for years. His support from the teachers to the school board hasn’t been good for the past few years. If we are lucky he will retire, I know he is old enough. I got some letter to write, I will keep everyone up-dated on my progress.
  15. Money is sure not the reasons for our problems in upper east Tennessee. I bet the money that is going thought DB & SH is a lot more than many of the Knoxville schools like Central & Halls. I know for years Morristown West was the standard in upper east Tennessee. They were the only team to beat Maryville twice in a 6 or 7 year run Maryville had when they played 4A football. The different was Morristown West hired Don Woods. As a supporter of Morristown East Football, whatever the coaches ask for we in the booster’s club work to get it. Even if we must reach into our own pockets to do it. Like I have said many times, Morristown East should be better than they are, because there is enough money and the school facilities are one of the best. Would you keep paying your doctor year after year if the results where you kept getting sicker. At some point you got to cut that Doctor lose, and find one that can help you. The problem is Coaching!