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  1. You gotta love Macon County fans, they will be running behind the bus on the way out of Lafayette trying to jump on the band wagon with two wins, and throw the Tigers UNDER the bus with two losses. You guys have a safe trip to the 'Brier! Go CATS! Get the W!
  2. The boys last name is actually Abel, not Able. A sad, sad story. I'm so sorry that these boys have been left without a mother at the hands of a heartless murderer. She was a Johnson County High School graduate. http://www.johnsoncitypress.com/Obituaries/print.php?ID=25672
  3. I believe this is Jo Byrns year to bring home the gold. Good luck Red Devils! If you guys get bored come to the 'Brier tonight to watch a little football!
  4. Good grief, people. Can we talk about THIS game? I hope to see Greenbrier bring their A game, and the fans bring the noise. This should be a great game and playing full force to the buzzer. Shutting down Poteete is essential. Good luck Bobcats!
  5. I love it when teams look ahead to the playoffs instead of playing the game they have next.
  6. Let's go Bobcats! It's your field, your game. The title was ours for 3 years this decade. Time to bring it BACK HOME!
  7. No surprises. WH wins over the Cats. I do have a question though. I overheard that White House uses an alum as a ref by the last name Pond?? Isn't there TSSAA rules against that? Is that why he didn't see the WH player holding a Greenbrier player down and hitting him?? Wouldn't have made a big difference in the game, but it sure could cause a biased call or two.
  8. Larry, no doubt you've heard the name Hamblen quite a bit while playing SC. Jacob's older brothers, Dustin and Jordan also were big playmakers for the Bison. Jacob is the youngest Hamblen brother. I'm glad we're not playing them anymore. It's always hard to root against family.
  9. These two teams always play with such effort and give it their all. Tonight was no different! What a great game and crowd support. Portland always plays Greenbrier tough and vice versa. Great game to our Bobcats. Comebacks are heartstoppers, but so proud of you guys for coming out clawing.
  10. Goodness... how bitter. Nothing different from last year, when WH won a squeaker at SC, the chanting from the WH stands. So, youngster, leave Mom's computer alone and go back to watching Hannah Montana or something. Now, my reflections. 1. Whoever WH's quarterback was did an excellent job for a non-starter. He had a perfect pass in the endzone in the final seconds that would have been the game winning touchdown 99 times out of 100, but the DB from Station Camp made an outstanding play and batted the ball away. 2. The Wildcat package WH ran in the second half was something else. THAT kid is a good back. 3. I think SC had guts to go for it on 4th and goal from the two in the fourth quarter. We debated it in the stands, and that's a call I wouldn't want to make. The celebration penalty after the touchdown was a poor call that could have cost SC the game. 4. I've seen tempers flare several times in the history of this matchup, but I thought both teams showed composure and good sportsmanship all around. 5. The show the band and the choirs did before the game gave me chills. Good job, all. 6. I cringe every time I see someone injured, and I felt like running across the field and hugging the young man who hurt his ankle. Remember, folks, these are our children. Saw a little of the game on CSS last night and got to give KUDO's to SC's #20, Jacob Hamblen on the knockdown and the interception!! Wasn't really pulling for either team, but just to say "Great effort, cuz! :)"
  11. Really? The "sources" I talked to Saturday was an active SC players parent. I heard they know they've got a big game ahead but they are ready for payback. They think maybe WH has forgotten SC beat DC by a big score too. Christian Reed's leg may be the difference maker Friday night.
  12. At 14-7 sounds like SC almost let that game get away from them Friday night. They'll step it up and finish big. Sycamore CAN be beaten twice in one year. /wink.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=";)" border="0" alt="wink.gif" />
  13. Prayers go out to the Edwards family and the DeKalb County team and friends from Greenbrier. It's tough when something like this happens to anyone, but especially a mentor to a whole team. I'm sorry to hear this.
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