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  1. Yep, could play if transferred from Bulgaria.
  2. Absolutely right, some privates recruit for sports period, so what, you think this is a secret to anyone involved in sports in the state of Tennessee. But some privates are honest and use their financial aid for its intended purpose. Some private schools have alumni that have deep pockets and don't mind paying for everything, no secret either, so whats your point. If a student applies, any student and they qualify for financial aid and can do the academics, they get the aid. Do you think Ensworth goes over to Haynes middle school and a few other places just to watch the grass grow. Hardly. By the way just because a potential student can play ball doesn't mean that he or she should be punished or denied the opportunity to attend a private school, its those alumni that are difficult to monitor, it happens something like this, the students parents or parent look at his or her checking account and all of a sudden there are more funds there, what a mystery. One more comment, there is no such thing as an academic scholarship at any private school I know of. Red Robin is giving you accurate infomation.
  3. The stadium only holds a certain amount of fans. Is it worth compromising their integrity in an effort to build championship football teams. You know what has to happen in order for that to occur. Athletics at Ryan are going along just fine. Two state titles already this current year. Tuition for a Catholic child with parish assistance is over 10,000 a year. The first priority should be to make every effort to prevent Ryan from becoming a school where only the affluent can attend as Mr Jim Carroll ( huge benefactor) stated at a ground-breaking ceremony.
  4. Unless JPII gets a win soon, the rivalry is akin to the Ryan-MBA, only an emotional one, not based on wins and losses, because Ryan has dominated the series. This game might be close, but I think that Ryan wins for the sixth year in a row. The Bishops Cup is all shined up.
  5. Yes,that would make sense that alot of inner city kids would qualify for need based financial aid since poverty is at a very high level in the inner city. Your handle is almost the same as the name of a popular condom. That fits you since your opinions are a reflection of your pointy head. Private schools are allowed to give need based financial aid for those that qualify and its not going to change, so you might as well get over it. Nothing wrong with this practice at all.
  6. Hey Wood, recently went to McEwen Tn for the Irish Picnic, you know what I was eating. Hope all is well.
  7. Yeah, there will never be another tator tot.
  8. Just wanted to congradulate the Fighting Irish boys soccer team for their hard fought battle all the way to the title. We are proud of you and you honor Father Ryan. Thanks for a great season.
  9. Interesting, but Catholic is in Div I and cannot give any financial aid whatsoever to a student unless they elect not to play sports.
  10. Brentwood Academy will be in the hunt for the simple fact that they returning virtually every starter they have. But I don't think it is wide open by any means. GPS,BA,Ensworth, and never forget Briarcrest.
  11. Well, doggone, I am going to have to agree with you. The game as all games are just a part of all the sites. There are far more important things as we both know. The best to all players everywhere and be thankful for the ability to play and the opportunity.
  12. Your statement about pre-tournament events I hope is not implying that the starting setter for Ryan who had to battle Cancer versus playing did not make any difference. It made a huge difference. But we are very happy that she is winning the battle of cancer and that makes volleyball seem kind of trivial at this point. Addendum--by the way Phillip, what happened to Seagull? Now I am under your skin.
  13. You mean back to back state title wonder. Ryan is just fine and dandy, we have 5 titles, how many do you have as a player, or did you ever play period.
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