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  1. Any win over Coach Mac is a good day in heaven!!!!! Franklin co. sure was desperate to hire ol Mac. I know he's from there but the guy has left wreckage everywhere he coached. Page has done better than most thought. Especially after losing so much to graduation and transfer of their best running back. Nice job Pats
  2. Gee whiz.....a backhanded slap. A decent at best???? Page team. How about nice win on the road against a higher seed. You are only correct about one thing....you were outcoached. Our first year in 5a. I have followed Page football for over 25 years and really stopped posting about 6 yrs ago. BUT....I had to come out of retirement for your Crack about us. We have played a very tough schedule and we play again next week!!!!!!!!
  3. Go Page. Hey wingman it's t h e Bulldog. Thanks for asking about me on Fairview thread. Been ill. Not posting. Keep up the long tirades and excessive verbiage......lol
  4. Well.....looks like CAK is running it up again.?..?.......lol Hey...it's the Bulldog. Been out with the big C. Following Coacht but haven't had strength to post. Thanks for asking about me on a Page previous thread. Good luck this year. How a bout a four yr contract to play here.
  5. I know it wont happen again because you are not playing my Page team.....bet you guys held your breath..... I pick Lexington to go deep in the playoffs
  6. Dude...Page 31 Fairview 21....best team won last night...ifs ifs ifs...."if "ifs and buts were candy and nuts,we'd all have a Merry Christmas."........................Bulldog69, 2001
  7. This game always has the worse refs. They were so wore out from throwing flags ....they barely could move 2nd half. Page did a heckuva job ...took advantage of fairview mistakes and then held on. 5 years ago AT Fairview, Page had 165 yds in penalties and 3 TD's called back in the first half.....in other words it works both ways. Congrats to Page. I wouldn't want to play Fairview next week
  8. Page 31 Fairview 21............so much for your expertise at picking games
  9. Its the 15th anniversary of the infamous "bounty" game where the Fairview coach offered a steak dinner to anyone who put the Page QB out of action.......didnt happen. Page 48-12. I will always pick Page. Fairview has had a really good team in recent years. Let's hope the yellow flags can stay in the ref's pants. Overall this rivalry almost always provides 150 yds in penalties or more. Page needs to slow the Fairview BIG plays YES....I am back
  10. Congrats on winning the bi one. I saw Milan once and you guys must be awesome to beat them like that.

    Enjoy it......You know Alcoa can't hardly stand it...take care

  11. Congrats on winning the bi one. I saw Milan once and you guys must be awesome to beat them like that.

    Enjoy it......You know Alcoa can't hardly stand it...take care

  12. Fresh out of 21 year old players lol. But we have a few that have played like they are 21, does that count? Thanks for the congrats. Hope you guys have a good offseason and get ready for next year. If you have a chance to make it to Cookeville, let me know. I'd like to buy you a Coke and shake your hand...I mean paw.

  13. Congrats to CAK and their long road to Cookeville.....I wish I could come up and bite a few ankles.....lol Good luck
  14. Great season Giles....you did very well. At least you guys had more teeth than the devils......and a much lower forehead...........Geneville will probably take state
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