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  1. delusional32

    New pro league to play February 10 2019!

    Tennessee has a team in the aaf https://aaf.com/memphis-express/
  2. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/what-is-aaf-football-teams-coaches-notable-players-schedule-for-new-alliance-of-american-football-league/
  3. delusional32

    1A Championship Cornersville vs Whitwell

    Cville dominated in every stat except for mistakes and penalties.
  4. delusional32

    1A Championship Cornersville vs Whitwell

    Didn't hurt my feelings. Glad you picked them. The team with the least amount of mistakes won the game and that is part of being the best team on the field. I agree that Cville moved the ball better but Whitwell made the stops when they needed to and made the plays that won them the ball game so in my opinion the best team won. Not going to take anything away from Whitwell they are the state champs.
  5. delusional32

    1A Championship Cornersville vs Whitwell

    best game of the playoffs by far!!!
  6. delusional32

    4A Title Game #1 Greeneville Vs. Haywood

    WoW!!! Man what a dominating game by Greeneville. By far the best 4a team in the state.
  7. delusional32

    Tullahoma @ Franklin County?

    I think that FC has not played to the potential that they are capable of in the first 3 games. With that being said if FC has that capable game friday night the Rebels will be Victorious.
  8. delusional32

    Tullahoma @ Franklin County?

    I got FC to win this rival. Whats your thoughts?
  9. delusional32

    Page @ Franklin County?

    Franklin County had 55 plays vs Page's 50 plays. FC total offense had 354 yards vs Page's total of 314. FC had 20 first downs vs Page's 17. The difference in the game was that FC had a first down catch inside Page's 10 yard line on 3rd down that was penalized and was also a loss of down that killed the drive. FC had a second penalty that negated a touch down right before the half. Page is a well-disciplined team and made the least hurtful penalties and therefore, won where it counts the most--the scoreboard.
  10. delusional32

    Page @ Franklin County?

    I think FC has the potential to give Page their first loss.
  11. delusional32

    Coffee County @ Tullahoma?

    I think CC plays better as a team than they have in the past 5 years. Don't think it will be enough to get the job done but CC could surprise Tullahoma. JMO.
  12. delusional32

    Franklin County @ La Vergne?

    La Vergne has talent every season but don't seem to be able to put it all together year in and year out. Does a small FC team go the Rutherford County and give them a 0-2 record or does La Vergne send FC back home with a 1-1 record?
  13. delusional32

    Franklin county @ Coffee county week 1

    Franklin county is very young also. If I am not mistaken FC only has about 6 seniors that start on one side of the ball or the other they don't play both ways. Rest are juniors and sophomores. I think it will be a tough season for the Rebels.
  14. delusional32

    Sumner and Wilson County FBall

    You are correct. Preseason doesn't mean much but it does give insight on where a team might be at the beginning of a season. I say Wilson Central wins this Friday night.