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  1. Hunter played scored 22 I believe didn't show any signs of injury.
  2. 9-AAA #1 Hendersonville gets BYE plays winner of #4 Lavergne vs. #5 Wilson Central #2 Beech vs #7 Gallatin plays winner of #3 Mt. Juliet vs. #6 Smyrna First round games are Tuesday @ Higher seed, Second on Thursday @ Smyrna, Championship and Consolation Friday @ Smyrna
  3. Just sayin bro, don't get caught looking behind you just might run into something you werent ready for
  4. You siegel posters must be split down the middle then cause i just got done reading pages upon pages arguing siegels case and how a player should have won mvp and if i think back when siegel blew a shot a the title their was no complaining to speak of. if you fans keep saying "we'll get the next one" you'll be quite surprised when there isn't a "next one"
  5. I'm going to make a statement on all this trash talk as a neutral party. All this talk about individual awards, if I were given the oppurtunity I would sweep all the MVPs, all-districts, all-regions, all-state trophies off the shelf into the garbage, drop the "mcdononalds all-american nominee" title before my name to get a chance to get a gold ball (I'm not saying I have any of those things, cause that is what somebody will think and then tell me somebody from Siegel is better than me) And just a piece of advice for the stars and their staff, maybe you shouldn't have spent so much time trying to get a scrimmage with hendersonville and got a little extra practice in before you got BEAT by lavergne.
  6. whats the word on hunter? has he been in at all since he got hurt?
  7. Hendersonville can clinch 1st place with a win at Beech on Friday. If Beech wins they would have to win both of their remaining district games to be 1st, one being against Lavergne. Beech is having homecoming activities and their 25th basketball anniversary celebrations. Rumor has it that Beech has already presold a substantial amount of tickets. So expect a packed house (not to mention a hot one, last years game at Beech was so incredibly hot). Get there early if you want to sit down at all. Hope it's a good one ALL HENDERSONVILLE FANS ARE ENCOURAGED TO WEAR GOLD TO MATCH THE STUDENTS
  8. Big matchup early on in the district schedule. If Hendersonville wins there would be a threeway tie for first between them, Beech, and Mt. Juliet (Don't believe they play on Tues.) If Beech is to win they would remain undefeated and in 1st place, Mt. Juliet 2nd, and Hendersonville in a tough spot with two district losses. Both teams are coming off of big away wins on Friday. What does Tues. hold in store?
  9. I would imagine that both of them still had players out for football. Might want to check into that before you count your chickens.
  10. Wilson Central and Gallatin lost almost all of their major contributors to graduation. The rest of the district could be a toss up when district play begins. District 10aaa just better hope they dont get swept for a third year in a row in the opening round of region.
  11. Wilhoit's long was 57 maybe 58
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