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  1. Oakland and Riverdale should come up with some type of trophy to take home each time they play that would make it so much more intense each year!!!!
  2. I will be attending this game i havent been to local game in 2 years i look foreward to it but im predicting OHS to come out on top
  3. Looking foreward to Oakland getting the win got to support my buddy Coach Oliver haha
  4. Oakland will win this game! a show out from bass and company rep the boro for us OHS
  5. Congrats Coach Dotson and good luck in the future
  6. come on siegel your ganna have alumni in the stands tonight lets see a win, cleveland is overated all they got is a good point gaurd from what ive read on them but i guess ill see for myslef tonight
  7. also a good football program like that is not dumb they arent trying to ruin anything maybe if it was Blackman i could understand
  8. who cares Maryville is scared of the power houses of 5A so they stay in the dark while the real teams are out trying to win rings that count i mean you put all the 5A teams down in 4A and it will be a slaughter every friday night
  9. well with 3 top notch recievers like they have they arent going to need all day for 1 of them to get open
  10. yeah considering Harper is better than all of those for Oakland lets just ACCIDENTALY leave him out
  11. they will deffinately score more than 3 you can bet on that
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