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  1. BTW riverdaleman, I saw you on West Main St. today crossing over the rail road tracks while I was on my way to work. I'm sure you will be at the Middle game on Thursday? Maybe I can catch up with you there, its been a while.
  2. Smyrna had also already played 2 games that year prior while it was Riverdale's opener that night. Got to give Sonny Grey his props though, he played a heckuva game that night after losing his father that week and dodged so many tackles that final play.
  3. Great hire, well deserved for Wyant. This guy will pour countless hours into your program and plays to WIN. I certainly expect him to do so. Think about if now until eternity you could only be hired with "experience." Well, before long nobody would be left with any "experience." I don't understand the criticism of this hire. You hire the best guy for your situation, and Wyant already being in house and trusted and the school believing in his work ethic makes him the best candidate. I bet you can find plenty of people at his last 2 places of employment that wish they would have promoted him when the HC slot became vacant.
  4. Go fill another finger, Rankin . Almost no vacancy left on those hands!
  5. Didn't get to listen to the game, only got WGNS scoring updates via text message while I was at work, so my thoughts on the game are limited. I knew and stated earlier that by strictly looking at the seasons stats that Maryville's passing game would play a huge factor and might be the advantage that put them over the top. Sounds like that held to be true. Big statement game for Maryville and GQ. Congratulations to the staff and the boys in the uniforms...However, I think there is too many posters here pounding their own chests. IDK where all this "BIG BOY" talk came from, but you must've been Rodney Dangerfield-ed by all your other opponents all year and letting some frustration out now. I understand that but no Riverdale fans on this thread have knocked Maryville and given them any lack of respect heading into this game. Maryville has proven themselves to all the naysayers though, and will represent all the "BIG BOYS" in 6A in Cookeville next week. Great job to the boys of the 'Dale, it sounds like it was a fight til the end and you guys showed NO QUIT, which will be remembered for a long time. Nothing I or anyone else can say to the seniors to make them feel better who feel like they missed a heckuva opportunity, but you represented us and Middle Tennessee well. Underclassmen, work hard this offseason and do your thing, bring these guys to the Boro for next year's semis and do what you wish you had done tonight As stated by others, the turnovers against a team like Maryville were too hard to overcome. You gotta make competition like that drive 70 or 80 yards for touchdowns every possession to have a chance. Can't give them guys a short field or they'll make you pay. And I'm sure all that traveled will show their faces here tomorrow, just give them time to get home and get some sleep, hope all on both sides of the stadium at the game thoroughly enjoyed their night and had a safe trip back to their East/Middle TN homes.
  6. Longtime poster, however Riverdale's playoff games against Blackman and Oakland are the only high school games I've attended this year (Hendersonville game on TV) so honestly my opinion may not count for much. However, from looking over MHS82's Maryville assessment from earlier, it does sound like Riverdale has much bigger lines and hopefully can control that line of scrimmage and get to the quarterback. Also looking at the QB stats and reading about the receivers and passing attack, I hope Riverdale is prepared for that as they probably haven't faced a passing threat that serious in their whole careers. I'm hoping they can blow that line up and put some pressure on Juhlin, help make the secondary's job a little easier. If our defense can handle that, I'm confident our offense can put up enough points to win. However, anything said on these boards is speculation...these teams are not familiar with each other, so truly anything can happen. Wish this game was in the Boro (no home losses for Maryville since 2001? Heck of a home field advantage), I can't see myself making it out there even though people around here and on these boards have dreamed about this matchup for many many years. Will have a close ear to the radio, though. Also, THIS IS NOT A SHOT AT MARYVILLE OR EAST TN FOLK, but I couldn't post here without this going unmentioned. I'm a huge Vols fan and more passionate than ever since the Kiffin era began, but this video from the victims of the UT football attempted armed robbery has given me many << of those lately. "WE AINT GOT NOTHIN BUT A CHEESEBURGER!" Quote Of The Century! Makes me crack up everytime!
  7. Greg Wyant has my vote . Shame the other topic got deleted, I put all his haters in check with 1 paragraph but then that dude started randomly talkin about Shad's daughter as mentioned before and I came back and everything was whiped out.
  8. The Blue Raiders will be going for their 8th win (GOING "BOWLING" THIS SEASON BABY) the following day at Floyd. That has yet to be mentioned and probably would rule out a HS game being played on the field the night before. In a perfect world, I'd like for MT to have their game as scheduled at 3:30 Saturday and then the Battle Of The Boro could follow right after the conclusion of that...It could draw more attendance for both events. However, that has like a zero percent chance of happening. Actually, forget playing it at Floyd. My first ever Riverdale game I went to was in the 1998 playoffs at Floyd when the Warriors lost to none other than...Oakland.
  9. Can't wait for this one...Its easy to root for Riverdale, but at the same time its hard to root against Oakland. Alot of guys in that program I have tons of respect for. No matter what the results are Friday, I won't be disappointed either way as long as the winning team PROMISES to bring a Gold Ball back to Murfreesboro.
  10. Classless? Sure does sound like some sore losers...too sore, like that guy who got drilled by #22. No apologies from that because it was a completely clean hit. Your QB threw an ill advised pass and left his receiver out to dry. #22 had every right to celebrate that but the whole tone changed pretty quick when they realized the kid on the receiving end could be seriously hurt. Nothing classless about that...good luck to the guy, hope he's alright and I feel like I can speak for #22 as I'm sure he feels the same way. But let him have his pride for a phenomenal legal hit. Its part of the game. I would've been disappointed if he stood over the guy and taunted him while he was down, but that was not the case. Trust me I watched from the sideline. Great job to Blackman for reaching the peak of their program thus far. However, you could tell Riverdale was on a mission to go out and prove that that first game was a fluke. I think they proved that with the comfortable fashion they won in. Hopefully all the Blackman injured players recover quickly, and hopefully none of them are seniors and have a chance to come back next year bigger, better, and stronger. Hate to see any player get hurt, but its just something that goes hand and hand in a physical game. Great job to both teams, and keep rollin' Riverdale.
  11. GO BLACKMAN BLAZE!!!!!!!!!!!! GO WARRIORS! (that simple, no need for special fonts and colors )
  12. Dig up that post where you influenced me to congratulate the Bulldogs...I have congratulated them more than once on winning the title as a Rutherford County team. Just like I hate Alabama with a passion, but if they make the national title this year, I will congratulate them as a SEC team. Nothing more, nothing less. Thats not SO, SO, SO, hard for me at all...whats hard for me is saying a team that won a title was the best team in their league that year when its not true. However, all the credit in the world to them for making it there despite that. I've called him Shaddumbens for years, before and after "he" won titles, so if you got problems with it, print a 100 copies of my post and throw them in BHS locker room. I could care less. I gave the boys on the team credit because they are the ones that deserve it. Wells got cut short and Watson got cut long. You don't think he'd be capable of making the playoffs with this team aswell? PROPS to your son however for playing at a service academy, and all the veterans and current soldiers for their service! The real role models in America
  13. How did Blackman throw Coach Wells under the Bus? OK I'll ask again - How Did Blackman throw Coach Wells under the Bus? You CHICKEN? or STUPID? or BOTH. You are the one who called Blackman out - Please explain yourself. I mean, if you really want to know, I'll be happy to let you find out...LOL at you tryin to call me out. And if you look back at my post, I did not call Blackman out, I called Shaddumbens out...you're obviously new here. Never cared for the guy one bit. However, congratulations to Blackman PLAYERS for making it to uncharted territory for their program. Its just a shame they have to face a M'boro team so soon, cause pick a team either team would put them out.
  14. Well I AM dissing Shad, forget ya'lls coach...however, best of luck to the boys and to the school. Hopefully Coach Wells and the Riverdale defense will come out stout and make ya'll think twice about throwin him under the bus... No prediction from me, haven't been to a HS game this year (I'll be there to see this one in person) but I'm anticipating this one, I really think it could go either way. The stakes are high...Go Warriors 2 OT losses by 2 total points, show Blackman that you should be undefeated right now!
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