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  1. Congrats to Riverdale. Lot's of work left ahead...time to take that next step.
  2. Based on what I've read in this thread, and only on that, I'd say that McMinn should advance. Why would DB cancel the game without any positive test results. Yet I'm stuck with the question that I can't get out of my head...why wasn't the guy playing if he was negative? I'll admit I've only read about half of the posts.
  3. The defensive backs look like they need a lot of work. The guys up front looked pretty good. Expect Coach K to put a competitive team on the field this year...he's had enough time to get to that level. Watched some of the other scrimmage clips elsewhere and was surprised that the QB play doesn't seem to be up to par, especially with a guy in his 3rd year as a starter. Really only seemed to be one play, to one side, that he executed well. Part of that was receivers being too timid going for the ball. Everyone in the passing game needs to step up.
  4. This thread seems to have lost it's way. Back to the original question; what will the Warriors do this year. When is spring practice? Scrimmages? I know the previous coach left a mess but Coack K is entering year four, soooo..., is this the year he should be expected to put a competitive team on the field? I thought year two was a step forward but last year was a pretty significant step backward. I would post the schedule, it's on their web site but so small and poorly done i can't read it.
  5. LOD, you've become a very mellow person. I retired and moved to Florida but did catch a couple games last year while in town. Losing to E. Nashville and getting beat 35-0 in one half at the jamboree is just pretty terrible. A healthy program should lose 20-25 seniors every year. MidtENN, how many seniors did Oakland lose last year? The thing that stood out in the games I watched last year (WC,CC, Blackman) was how weak the players were. They were in position, got to the right spot, but just too weak to make the tackle. I suspect the lack of emphasis on conditioning is showing it's full effect right now. Hopefully I'm wrong and Coach K gets this thing turned around. I remember 2003 when CGR had a sophomore dominated team that got it all turned around by November.
  6. When Siegel opened the zones shifted and Oakland picked up a talent rich area of town from Riverdale. At the time the discussion was whether that would shift the balance of power to Oakland. The opening of Rockvale could shift that area of town back to Riverdale. I'm sure the fight over zoning boundaries is pretyy intense right now. At the end of the day all the schools will still have 1800+ students.
  7. Should be a good match up. Hopefully someone will be able to give us a detailed report.
  8. Just go here: RHS Football twitter feed
  9. Sounded like some positive news from the weight room on the RHS football twitter feed. Is spring football underway?
  10. Riverdale will really need to raise their game to stay in this one. Offensively pretty good but the defense has been dismal in the three games I've seen. It's the playoffs and anything can happen.
  11. So, Oakland has the #1 seed. Riverdale can end up 2nd or 3rd depending on the outcome with Blackman. Blackman can end up 2nd, 3rd, or 4th depending on the game with Riverdale and the Cookeville/Siegel game. Cookeville/Siegel winner gets the remaining spot. Is that correct as of today?
  12. More interestingly, Cookeville beats Oakland and Riverdale beats Blackman. That would (pending the outcome of other games) leave Oakland, Riverdale, and Cookeville all tied at 9-1. Not sure how the tie-breakers would shake out but would be a cool scenario to see.
  13. Got to see Riverdale against CC last week and hope to see this game as well. Riverdale needs to bring the defense this week as they seemed to have missed the bus against CC. Offense was sharp and WC isn't having the year they had hoped for. I'll say 49-21 Warriors.
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