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  1. Well just to clairfy the foot story. I've played 16 years of soccer without a broken bone. My roomie and I were kicking around and I shot the ball and landed akwardly on my right foot. Long story short I broke my 5th metatarsal (shared by Beckham and Rooney) and have to spend quality time in a full length boot for 6 weeks. reaction: I love you man! Long time no see! I've been up to a whole bunch of nothin. Hope everything's good down your way. Irish: To be exact...CAK's winning percentage over LC was similar to that of LC's over Catholic. Especially in 2003-2004 seasons:). Or in better terms, UNC's winning percentage over the Duke Blue Devils... G: I'm wanting to make it up to see a Catholic vs CAK region final. Don't disappoint!
  2. Maryville vs West for the region championship. No Bearden and Farragut this year.
  3. Congrats G man! I think you owe LC for a few of those back in the day..
  4. lcsoccer


    A sad day for both schools. A Lenoir City freshman died of trauma suffered from a collision while playing flag football in gym class on Wednesday afternoon. Nonetheless, a tragic day for everyone involved. Condolences to the Riner family as well. I think everyone can say Jim did so much for Knoxville soccer, as well as the whole of East TN. He will be missed. LC came out and played pretty well. Maybe a no call PK could've changed things, but such is the game. Should be a good matchup between Farragut and Maryville.
  5. Talk to Mr. Boone Rodgers about the blue cleats. I think he has em! Hoya: Will you be at the Michael Cobb wedding?? /biggrin.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":D" border="0" alt="biggrin.gif" /> Good to hear from you. Tell your son to take care of that knee. G: I have been forgotten about for a long time now! Maybe in 50 years they'll put me in the hall of fame. Heard the Catholic game was pretty close. You're gonna have to fill me in. UCsoccer: You are the porker. Do you have another year left to play?
  6. Well played LC. Sounds like a win from the Marvin Martin era of coaching. Are we sure he hasn't unretired? G- what is goin on??
  7. I talked to many neutral fans and they all said the Bros. had the run of play. Granted BGA scored when they had to and are now state champs, but coming from people who don't really care who wins, I take their word for it.
  8. I heard it was quite a game from two quality teams. I heard the Bros. had the run of play, but BGA converted their chances. Congrats to both teams on stellar seasons.
  9. Congrats to Bearden! I didn't see this one coming, but you earned your title by beating 3 quality teams in the tournament and Farragut in the region final. Well done.
  10. I had the privelege of speaking with the BigG, and he was pretty stoked! I hope he found himself a teeshirt..(nerd) Anyways, congrats to the Warriors and the Irish on terrific seasons. You represented the east quite well. Sam and Bennett: can't wait to have you on board!
  11. lcsoccer

    USA vs. Morocco

    Gibbs out with a knee injury, being replaced by Berhalter. I thought he should've been included in the squad from the get go. USA vs. Venezuala tonight @ 7 on ESPN2. G, how in the world does your dad know the trainer? Does he live around here??
  12. You try living with the guy hoya! He's doing well though. I talked to him the other day and he's playing with the USL team, the West Virginia Chaos. I also know he's headed back to the motherland this summer and will hopefully see Croatia get tanked by Dinho and co. In regards to this game: I wish I was going, but I'm sure I will hear all about it. Good luck to both teams.
  13. I have to work so unfortunately I can't be there. I think my dad and Coach Martin may drive over. I'll send my regards.
  14. I wish man. I gotta work too. Should be some good games..
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