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  1. crazebear

    Hendersonville vs. Mt. Juliet

    Who won the Hendersonville - Mt. Juliet game last night? There is nothing on the scoreboard or schedule page or in the Titanessean. Who came out on top?
  2. crazebear

    Big Poppa

    Big Poppa, You need to contact me. I have some news for you if you are still interested in relocating.
  3. crazebear

    Bench Press Help

    Coach, the towel bench is a triceps exercise with a bench press name. Much like the board press. You can also do a version of this in a power rack. Just set the pins about six inches off your chest and press the bar from the safety pins. It forces you to move the weight from a dead stop thus eliminating momentum ( you can't bounce this puppy off your chest). It is a strict exercise and will greatly strengthen the lock-out on the bench.
  4. crazebear

    Bench press

    The most common problem with the bench is weak triceps. Most guys blast it off their chests, but cannot lock out. You have to work the triceps hard. I'm not talking about pushdowns and kickbacks. Work the close-grip bench 5 sets of 3-5 reps. Dips with added weight, and lying extensions or skull crushers with reps in the 5-6 range. If high school kids put as much time into working triceps as they do biceps, they would be much better off and have bigger arms to boot. The triceps does make up 2/3 of the upper arm. GIve it a try and watch your bench go up.
  5. crazebear

    metro hiring article

    I would say the EXTREME jump in pay might have eased his decision to leave had he gotten the job.
  6. crazebear

    Arms & Coe

    Last I saw or heard, Arms is a police officer in Cookeville. I see him at a few softball tournaments. Ruppie, I think their eligibility is up, though. Maybe Sylvester Gray has a little left in him. He is a little closer to your neck of the woods. [Edited by crazebear on 3-6-03 12:40P]
  7. crazebear

    cumberland baseball

    Fellas, whatever happened to guys like Joe Modica, Mickey Martin, Rob Kroell, John Hunn, Jim Falzone, and Brad Murphy? ALso, doesn't Steve Robbins teach up in Livingston?
  8. Congrats to Johnson County on their big win. When they came to Mt.Juliet last year they played with a lot of heart and emotion. I'm sure that has carried over to their success this year. Good luck tonight.
  9. crazebear

    Coaching Jobs?

    They might as well run that story EVERY year. That is how Wilson County does business. One and done.
  10. crazebear

    Whats the deal with Mlk's coach

    I guess it would depend on what comes open. I am not going to jump into another bad situation again. I think you would understand. I learned my lesson. I am glad they are reaping the benefits of a 6'6" center and point guard from Hunters Lane transferring in and the year of experience everyone has from last year. Coach Gamble is considering coming back to Maplewood for another year since he has basically everyone back. A new principal helps. I haven't heard of anything else opening up. Coach Nollner at the Creek is going to do one more. Do you ever get back to Thirsty Turtle land? I don't think CU has filled their position yet either.
  11. crazebear

    Whats the deal with Mlk's coach

    I believe the other one you are referring to gave Columbia all they could handle last night. How did things wind up in Mississippi this year?
  12. crazebear

    Metro Snafu

    Congratulations to Coach Bubba Spears on his second city championship in three years. You are still my hero. Thanks for taking over the tradition. That makes three of the last four city champs at McGavock. Is the hay still in the barn?
  13. crazebear


    Congratulations to Coach Richard Campbell on the Hunters Lane job. I know you will have much success. You deserve it. Your old freshman b-ball nemisis.
  14. crazebear

    best pitchers you have ever faced

    Brooke Seibel was the most dominant pitcher I ever saw in Tennessee high school softball. Kaci Clark, Rachel Talley Jennifer Wright, Kim Dunlap, April Faircloth, The Fine sisters from Brentwood,Catalano from Coffee County and Mandy Miles were all very good as well.
  15. crazebear

    Best basketball movie??

    Several come to mind. Of course Hoosiers, but what about One On One with Robbie Benson. Fast Break with Gabe Kaplan and Bernard King. The Fish That Saved Pittsburg (Dr. J acting!), Above The Rim, The Air Up There, White Men Can't Jump, Pistol-The Pete Maravich Story and Blue Chips. Even Forget Paris with Billy Crystal. Which one is best would depend on what kind of movie you like. Drama or comedy. I have them all. I also have several episodes of The White Shadow. [Edited by crazebear on 3-3-03 12:41P]