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  1. O r is trying to get away from clinton.They know whats coming.
  2. After they beat o.r. farragut will go higher.
  3. What time does oliver and wormsley allow teachers to have computer breaks.
  4. I am going to look forward to hearing the excuses this year why o.r. didnt win the state again.
  5. Or692003 quit reliving to 1991 players.Farragut might beat o.r.
  6. Or692003 the dragons are the last anderson co team in boro.Edge my sidewalk and driveway and you have plenty of hot air and blow it off to.Cats not going to boro.
  7. I will be like tammy wynette.I will stand by cute andy.
  8. Or692003 i will laugh again when the cats are sitting at home.Who was the last anderson co team in the state championship.Thats right Clinton.You need to weed eat to.
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