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  1. Sad to say but West wins by 17+. Halls secondary is absolutely HORRENDOUS
  2. gonna be another UGLY season in Red Devil country
  3. The CRAP that i have heard went on this past weekend is PATHETIC...If you live in Halls then you know exactly what I am talking about. This happened back in the mid 1990's as well...Kevin Julian is a Red Devil thru and thru and the way some parents have acted lately is absolutely PATHETIC. I am ashamed to say that I have supported Halls for close to two decades. Do you REALLY think this is Kevin's fault? If so, then you have no idea about football and what Coaches go thru and put in on a daily basis. The problem is there are parents that think their kid is a prima donna and they should be on the field at all times and be given the ball every time Halls is on Offense. And when that doesn't happen they wanna take their kids to another school or start a petition. Kevin keep your head held high and don't worry about the fence hugging Quarterbacks that are trying to re-live their high school glory thru their own kids.
  4. I got a call from someone that was there and they said the coach literally walked outside or into the hallway as the game was going on and the assistant coach had to call a time out as Grace was making a nice run while the Head Coach was nowhere to be found. I did not witness this as i stated.
  5. I never mentioned anybody's name or anything close to it. I simply stated that the one week wonder state ranking was gone. I never bashed anybody in this thread so quit acting like I did. I think it is time YOU get over it!
  6. your guess would be wrong as they CHOKED at HOME
  7. any updates on any coaches leaving or anything? Been out of town for over a week and wont be back in town for another two weeks. Just trying to catch up on everything. Thanks
  8. Don't remember me ever saying that Shepard won a state title or anything to that nature. So, not real sure why you are on that kick about stats that mean NOTHING to me. I do think he lead one of those teams from the school he was at to a 14-1 record or something like that only to lose in the state championship game tho. Can't remember the year and really don't care to research it. How many state championship games has Hood been the Head Coach in? YOU GUESSED...ZERO
  9. anybody have score or details of game yet?
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