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  1. This thread started out so well- postitive comments by both teams-what happened
  2. 0535 Warren Co McMinnville, TN 6-5-1 4-1-1 4311 Blackman Murfreesboro, TN 10-1-0 4-0-0 0424 Riverdale Murfreesboro, TN 8-2-0 4-1-0 0091 Cookeville Cookeville, TN 4-7-1 3-1-0 4429 Siegel High School Murfreesboro, TN 5-7-2 2-3-1 0287 Lebanon Lebanon, TN 4-6-0 1-3-0 0380 Murf. Oakland Murfreesboro, TN 1-10-1 0-4-0 0555 White Co Sparta, TN 0-7-1 0-5-0 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Riverdale 1 Warren 0 not sure about the Siegel Lebanon game was it postponed due to weather?
  3. Anderson6395

    notre dame

    Make yourself happy count them as a wins for you.
  4. Here are the standings. The picture will clear a little after this week. Warren 2-0-1 still must face RHS,BHS,CHS,LHS siegel 2-1-1 still must face RHS,CHS,LHS Cookeville 2-0 must face RHS,WaHS,SHS,BHS Blackman 1-0 defeated siegel Riverdale 1-0 defeated White Lebanon 0-1 lost to Cookeville Oakland 0-2 lost to Warren and siegel White Co. 0-4 must play OHS,BHS,LHS
  5. Anderson6395

    Red Cards

    You could call the state office to find out. Other than that I don't know.
  6. Score was 3-0 Blackman. Sorry don't know who scored.
  7. Tullahoma is a good team. I haven't seen Notre Dame play but no way will they lose by 4.
  8. Their are guidelines for shinguards so he can't just wear what he wants-but I have to seen what I felt was bias towards Hispanic players.
  9. It was simply a matter of Ooltewah playing their game better than we played ours. Congrats on the win and continued luck throughout the season. Alan Brownyard Warren Co assistant Co By the way that truely was a great save not only did you get your hands on it but made it clean.
  10. I saw were they were supposed to play on the 24 but can't find a result anyone have one?
  11. Don't listen to your brother keep the brownnosing up!
  12. I was just passing along info-I'm not associated with that school. I 'll see if i can find out.
  13. Big Express Stratford, Glenclift, Antioch, McGavoc(I never could spell) I might have missed one are in Hunters Lane district.
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