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  1. even though they beat d-b i believe that they will lose the remainder of there games, because now everyone looks at them as a threat and wont take them lightly, they have science hill and a good cambell county team left i look for them to lose both, sorry guys, you still arent that talented, it seemed d-b had a real bad night and you capitalized on it, karns will not be in the playoffs
  2. all i can say is...db-karns...so dont get cocky
  3. guy goes up to catch a pass and gets hit under the chin...just a good (unclean) hit..i heard it knocked him out...i think it would knock anyone out no mater if even gary coleman himself laid the hit, but yea good placement i guess haha
  4. hahaha...not really...what do you do?....sit at your computer all day and think of the stupidist thing you can say...their is about 100000 comedians in this world, and i dont think they need your help...anyways kevb i believe was just tryin to say that even if greenway plays east will win...i dont think he meant that it doesnt hurt the g-devils he isnt there...i've got east by 2 td's
  5. haha ok 1st of all if your gunna bust on someone elses way of talking, get yours right... i should have never even (responded) to a fourth grader...haha ok anyways...you volunteer fans cry to much get over it east won no matter what calls you wanna take back..see ya next year
  6. eastTNftball

    Its time

    this is a big game for the two teams and from a partial perspective im going with central because even with the one loss they still lokk to be the better of the two, maryville has not looked good this year than in the past, it seems they win most of there games with there opponent just scared of there name....but anyways with cassen jackson in the backfield for central i dont see him gettin stopped, i know people will say this is going out on a limb but i say jackson goes for 100+ in this game, central-24 maryville-10
  7. to me this will be a close game, but only if g-villes qb is back for this game after missing the one vs. west....if hes out i believe the d-fense for the canes will control the devils but if hes back then its gunna be hard to contain him.....but no matter what i like east in this one,and pushing thier chances for homefield advantage in the playoffs one step closer. and this is my list of players from last weeks game vs. volunteer that stood out to me...#1 pendland, #20 bower, #31 francisco, #48 sturm, #8 pallazolla, and #58 branner....also i hope the player that was hurt for the canes is ok..i beleive larsen?
  8. i saw that particular inncident,and what happened is that #20 shane bower was pushed by a falcon player onto the player out of bounce, he did not do it on purpose..but what about when #48 brandon sturm for the caned hit the QB for volunteer out of bounce(clean hit while in bounce) and he got up and hit another canes player in the back(i believe #25) where was that call?
  9. east won 24-10 in a great game, east couldnt stop the running game in the 1st half but stepped up in the 2nd half and started to get things goin on D...with this east is now in the playoff automatically, good job guys...what is your opinions on the games
  10. morristown east vs. davy crockett is on that thursday
  11. coach derrick folsom of morristown east...not only did he play on an sec championship winning ut vols team,as a starting corner(db) but he played on a high school team in georgia that won 4 state titles while he was there...he knows more about the position than any other in this state...no arguing here
  12. im goin with greenville in this one, there much better this year than last year, chase greenway is outstanding and if west doesnt keep him in check then it might be greenville blowing the game open, as for the people complaining about the refs... its apart of football for thier to be some bad calls..so stop cryin and let the kids play football, one of the biggest things in football is overcoming adversity and thats what makes real winners, so get over it G-ville-24 West-20
  13. eastTNftball


    i think karns will be the same as always in a few years...not good, i think they'll finish out the rest of there season losing, with games against D-B,and science hill, sorry but untill you get some talent..thers no hope
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