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  1. Scrimmages scheduled for july 31 @ Knox Central--6 PM Aug. 7 Heritage @ JCHS-6 PM Aug. 13 Farragut @ JCHS-6 PM It About football time in Jefferson County--I attended Camp for a while today and the coaches nare working hard to get the team ready and the team is putting out maximum effort to get ready. I predict a great year for the BIG BLUE PATRIOTS of J C H S as they begin the return to the kind of team that we have seen in the past. Not the biggest bunch I have seen in my 25 years of following the PATS but a good strong, hard working bunch of guys.
  2. You said it, I believe it.----go blue--lete return the Pride to the Patriots!!!!!! I can hardly wait to get going
  3. Unless I heard wrong, this problem has been taken care of and the young man has been removed from the team. This is sad for him. he has lost an opportunity to learn the life lessons that football will teach you--one of which is to follow the rules if you are going to live in this world. GREAT BLUE AND WHITE SCRIMMAGE WON BY THE DEFENSE. BRIGHT HOPE FOR BOTH D AND O FOR THIS YEAR--GREATLY IMPROVED ATTITUDE AND EFFORT.
  4. If the young man was not ejected by the officials, then the coaches did the right thing by removing him from the field. either way, he was not learning his position, nor was he helping his team mates by placing himself in this position
  5. Pretty good assessment of scrimmage. Young man ejected needs to be taught some disipline at home or he needs to be removed from the team. I noticed that he is very quick to become overly excited and enraged, which is a common action for some who is less talented or does not know how to play the game. This young man showed this same attitude last fall in some of the JV games. Enough of the negatives--PATRIOTS looked good in this scrimmage, even without some of the players being in baseball and track. GO BIG BLUE!!!!!
  6. Any one notice the former Motown coach Woods on campus at JCHS---looking for possible recruits???? I guess he likes some of those ole boys who gave him a fit in high school games.
  7. Indications are that with the new attitude on the staff after Coach Anderson decided to take the reins and be the HEAD COACH, there seems to be a new determined attitude with the players. Congrats to you Coach, now lets bring back that PATRIOT PRIDE among this group of players. I know its in there because some of it is beginning to show thru their work the first two days of spring.
  8. Just a few that I am aware of-- Bench press ZACK KOUTZ--320 LB. BRAD MASON--300 LB. KEGAN RINARD--300 ANTHONY GOINS--295 40 TIME GOINS-4.4 TOLLIVER--4.5 EVAN McFALL--4.6 MASON--4.6 KOUTZ--4.7 RINARD--4.7
  9. Congrats to one of the best Fullbacks that I have seen in PATRIOT land in quite sometime. Its great to see hard work and good attitude pay off for young men who help keep the Patriot Pride alive in Jefferson County.
  10. I've known Steve Brewer for many years as a coach and his offense is WHATEVER-GETS-THE-JOB-DONE. This is not being disrespectful, but praising his ability to adapt to most situations. Jeff County attempts to run the veer, when the line blocks, the backs run, and we keep our heads in the game and focused on the task at hand
  11. AND WHY DID JC PARENTS SHUT DOWN THE RIOT AT THE GAME???? Players tried to get the RIOT to stand up and cheer and they told the players that some parents called the police on them cause they couldn't see. I HOPE THEY GOT THIER MONEY"S WORTH!!! Nice job MAMAW. Next time stay home. Better yet, Cagle needs to reserve a spot for the Riot just like they do the band to make sure this doesn't happen in the future. I hope, the fans want, the players need to see some big changes this week in practice. What have we got to lose??? I feel your pain, I was called down by parents for cheering the O-line on and cheering for the D-line to get pressure up front. From what I saw, we need to begin all plays where teams have started their offense and defense since the game began, and that is up front with the line. Iwas taught when I played that if the lines performed at the maximum, then we could not be stopped. This is a strange and new concept according to some people. Want to score????--BLOCK LINE BLOCK!!!! Want to keep your opponent from scoring?????--PRESSURE TACKLE PRESSURE. WANT TO WIN ---BLOCK--BLOCK--TACKLE--TACKLE--EVERY THING ELSE WILL TAKE CARE OF ITSELF.
  12. As you can see, I dont post much, however I think you have finally lost your mind. I have seen every game that has been played between these two teams and the comment that I have to say to you is this---THE VERY FIRST SERIES OFFENSE FOR DB, I MADE COMMENT TO MY FRIEND THAT YOUR?? #71 AND THE PLAYER BESIDE HIM HAD CHOPPED/CUT OUR DEF. TACKLE ON EVERY PLAY TO HIS SIDE OR HE WAS HITTING AND BULLYING AFTER THE PLAY. I'm sure the JC players werent told to retaliate, but as an old time tackle, if I were being chopped every play, I would have destroyed someones knee, without being told to do so. That being said I have always enjoyed some of your idiotic comments and your 100% top ten, but you are now getting personal and it is time for you to possibly to be banned from this board and if I can help you along, I intend to do so.
  13. pATRIOT 51 get off the internet and go practice--we need to beat the Canes
  14. Icannot believe that anyone made the remarks that JCHS is a disgrace to 5A, especially from Maryville. After all there are several old Patriots on staff there, incl. GQ, Ricky Upton, and others that I cant recall. If this was said I am sure it didnot come from anyone that matters. As a matter of fact, I dont know why I replied to the post. I've been true blue since 1983 and i still get excited about Patriot football. I now have a grandson on the team and could not prouder of the efforts of the coaches and players as they return the team to an East Tennessee Powerhouse once again!!!! Hows that for knowing about tradition and I believe it should taught to the current teams. We are not a disgrace to anyone at any level.
  15. Workouts start today........coach very optimistic.......things looking up.
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