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  1. just1np

    Gallatin Football

    I know several kids that go to JPII and they all agree that the only two boys that go there that are not from H'ville/G'letsville live in Cottontown and play hockey, not football. JPII has no effect on Gallatin so far as I can tell. Gallatin's problem, in my opinion, is that they don't run an overall program that makes kids want to play. Gallatin's offense has always been based on one guy running the ball 25+ times a game and rarely passing it. Now the teams thatyou see playing in the title games every year are teams that throw it around a lot. I don't think that is strictly because of Xs and Os. I think the reason you keep seeing those kinds of teams do well is because the offense gets the kids excited. The offense is not based on one or two players, but four, five or six. So more kids stay involved and more kids want to participate. For years Gallatin has had kids walking the halls that could field a top three football team every year. But many kids simple don't want anything to do with the program. One reason is what I just mentioned. The other is the fact that there is so much emphasis and pressure from the community that many kids, I think, simply don't want to deal with it. Fans (like me probably) rip the team apart when they play poorly and make it such a big deal that I'm sure many kids just don't think its worth it. Too many fathers and grandfathers shoving "Green Wave Football" down kids throats for 13 years that by the time they get to high school they are sick of it and hate football. So they either choose to avoid the program all together, or play on the team but don't really care. I think that is what happened this year. A lot of kids that just didn't care. One of the four Gallatin teams that I played on had a senior class that didn't care, and guess what- we had a loosing season. Funny how that works I guess.
  2. You hit the nail on the head in terms of weak region. You can't come in fourth place in a region that has produced zero state champs when region 4 and 5 are winning them every year. If you are going to be gift wrapped a region championship you better win it 9/10ths of the time. I think "mediocrity" would have been tolerable with this years talent. But this team wasn't even that. Zero wins out of conference and blowouts to Mt.Juliet, Smryna, Hunters Lane, and Independence. And what I complained about from week two on was the absence of improvement, particularly on defense. What they did poorly in week one was still poor in week 11. That falls on the coaches...period.
  3. just1np

    Gallatin @ Independence

    Gallatin's game planning has been behind for years. Some how most people can figure that out in one viewing but for others it takes a string of losing seasons I guess. We'll see.
  4. Let us not forget the TWO undefeated teams that got ousted in the first round. AND the season thrown out the window for the sake of letting some Nashville kid be the third string quarterback. But let me be frank for a moment. THis year's lack of success is not totally the head coaches fault. You are going to have years were the talent just isnt there, and this was one of those years. But the weird-for lack of a better word-decision making his staff has made this year, and others, is what makes me lean towards 'moving on'.
  5. just1np

    The 2 teams with a combined 5 wins...

    I agree with the sub-.500 suggestion. currently half the teams in each class make the playoffs. That is way too many. What is really unfair is these teams that are going to the playoffs because they are the 4th best team in a mediodre region are cheating some good teams in other regions from going to the playoffs just because they are in a tougher region. Example: In 5A Gallatin goes to the playoffs at 4-6 while 6-4 Siegal and 5-5 LaVergne stay home. I'm pretty confident in saying that both of those teams were better than Gallatin this year, seeing as 6 of seven GHS losses were not even close. It also de-values all non-region games. Basically there are 3 or 4 games in a season that are exhibition games. I think if you are going to have half of the field make the playoffs it seems you should reward the teams with winning records regardless of their region. If region X can't produce four teams with .500 or better records then region Z deserves to have an extra spot. It makes as much sense as college football saying, "every conference gets the same number of bowl teams". The SEC has ten eligible bowl teams this year. You think they should be limited to six because that would be 'unfair' to Conference USA? It is total bull crap what we do here.
  6. If there is going to be a change, regardless of who pulls the trigger, I'd like it to happen soon so coaches can start applying. You would like to have a new staff in place well before spring practice.
  7. just1np

    Gallatin @ Independence

    So Gallatin wraps it up with another lop-sided loss to a playoff team. Doing the math in my head here but did Gallatin just get exactly zero wins against teams with winning records this year? If anyone can give me something to look forward to for next years squad I'd love to hear it.
  8. I can't imagine why Gallatin would want to run off Lassiter. I mean, if it wasn't for him we would never of gotten those fancy new lights at the stadium.
  9. just1np

    Hendersonville VS Gallatin

    I hope anyone who has disagreed with my "Gallatin High is going downhill" rant wasn't watching the Channel 5 news @ 6 tonight. Not one but TWO teachers with separate serious charges. One for assault, one for statutory rape. That's just great. Keep 'em in line Rufus. Let me know when you want to get your head out of the sand folks. Things are not well.
  10. just1np

    Hendersonville VS Gallatin

    You can absolutely count me amongst the "fair-weather fans". Life is too short to dedicate my time and money to something that is not going to give me any enjoyment. I have a family and I have other interests. When Gallatin is putting good products on the field I am there no matter where they are playing. Period. But when things are as bad as they have been this year I am going to replace time with the Wave with family time, hockey, and other interests. And anyone who thinks less of me for changing priorities based on wins and losses is foolish and misguided. My child is not in high school yet, so I don't have a lot of direct ties to GHS anymore. I just want to see my alma mater succed. And last year at the HHS-GHS game I saw people that I had not seen in years. Why? Because GHS was undefeated, rolling, and looking poised for a title run, which is what we all want to see again. Will we see that kind of attendance this week. I think not. GHS coming off a 35-0 route to a Metro school is not going to compell people to come en mass. I'm sorry, it just isn't going to happen. Especially with cooler weather coming. Last I checked fans don't get a refund if Gallatin loses, so I think ripping "fair-weather fans" just keeps them away longer. It's kind of the "fool me once-fool me twice" thing. Too many times in recent years Gallatin has looked great and then reality hits us in the face when the playoffs arrive. The loss to Ravenwood coupled with the two win season so far has, like it or not, admit it or not, set the program back a good decade. Fans are not going to come back in numbers again until Lassiter can prove he can take a team deep in the playoffs. Too many times we've been fooled now and I think too many of us feel like the program is the boy who cried wolf. We'll believe it when we see it. Put me down all you want, I don't care. But I gave four years to the program, and I have supported with time and money since then. If nothing else that entitles me to an opinion. I don't expect all to agree, but at least make the attempt to see things my way. Because the reality is others like me don't get on here to express their displeasure. They just ignore the program entirely. It's called the silent majority.
  11. just1np

    Hendersonville VS Gallatin

    I don't get all this "rivalry equals good game" crap. I believe UT-FLorida, UT-Alabama are both pretty dang big rivalries and UT got thumped by both because UT doesn't have a defense. Well guess what. Gallatin doesn't have a defense. They are giving up about 30 points a game and have been beaten by running teams and passing teams. I'm sure both teams will come out fired up, but after a while things settle down and the better team wins. The better team this year is HHS.
  12. just1np

    Hendersonville VS Gallatin

    we are crying. Anyone know the playoff records for lassister while @ gallatin and hatfield while @ hendersonville. I'm pretty sure it is in favor of hatfield. lasy year included. i know lassiter has ZERO state title appearances and Hatfield has at least one. As for trash talk, I am the worst as far as Gallatin posters on here. And I haven't had one reason to talk all year. I went from being optimistic in week one to dissappointed in week three, to absolutely horrified in week eight. I guess as a "fan" my only responsibilty is to cheer for the kids and wish them well. But the fact of the matter is this group of kids has not been playing with any desire that I can tell. I think you could compare it to the way we as a society feel about the homeless. You want them to get on their feet and have some success, but at some point they have to do some things for themselves. Same thing with the 2007 Green Wave. I can root and cheer and be optimistic, but at some point they have to actually block, tackle, and play with some conviction. As GWAVE1 said, this team looks absolutely beaten. That being said I still wish the best for them and hope they play well. This week and next. At least build some momentum for '08. Cause that is what we as fans are left to be optimistic about.
  13. just1np

    Gallatin vs Hunters Lane

    I think you are selectively forgetting that Riverdale has kept winning through two new schools coming online and Brentwood and Ravenwood have both won title recently despite talen being "divided". And the other poster is correct in saying that Station Camp draws more away from Beech and H'ville than Gallatin.
  14. Am I to understand, now that I re-examine the GHS schedule, that they may not win a home game until week 10? That can't happen guys. Whatever pride you have left, you better muster it for your fans. Gallatin fans have traveled far and wide for you guys over the years. I don't think its too much to ask to send them home happy once or twice.
  15. just1np

    Gallatin vs Hunters Lane

    At a public school you can't really do much, if anything, about the talent level. But attitude is a different story. I keep looking for positive signs, especially on defense, but they just aren't there. What makes this hurt me even worse, as an alumn, and former player, is that Gallatin isn't even in the toughest region. They aren't struggling to win games against Williamson County or Rutherford County. They are struggling, no FAILING MISERABLY against mediocre Metro teams. 5-5A is the Sun Belt Conference of 5A. I was on a couple of teams that were "poor" by Gallatin standards. But we never lost to anyone that failed to make the playoffs. We never lost to a team from a lower classification. And we never lost four straight. It also just happened that those particular seasons cost the head coach his job in place for the current one. (Cookeville is now 6-2 by the way)A coach who is now going to have been at the helm to see more than one GHS team fail to make the playoffs. One of those occasion was by forfeiture I remind you. I know there are strong conflicting opinions about that situation, but the results are the results. I am not advocating one action over the other. But if all things are equal (and of course they aren't) then the current coach would be held to the same unreasonable standard and inccur the same consequences as his predecessor. That is just a simple observation made from the outside. Replace one coach after four seasons and ZERO playoffs missed, it seems that you would replace one that has been there for nine seasons and has missed the playoffs TWICE. Or is it three times? They might have missed the playoffs in '99 or '00. ?? And before anyone responds with the "Region Championships" arguement I will refer back to the earlier paragraph. Different compitition.