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  1. Anyone attend? Score? Details please?
  2. Congrats to JR...very deserving of this position. He has worked very hard for that program for several years now. Best wishes to him and the boys at Oakdale!
  3. Curious of some tourney scores from up that way? Anyone?
  4. Hope everyone have the tarps and quickdry ready!
  5. What was the score there Friday night?
  6. How did this one go and how did Harriman look? I called someone who was at the game and they told me it was 3-1 Harriman late. I was just curious to get some thoughts from someone who might have seen it. Thanks!
  7. Yeah, ask_me hasn't been reporting scrimmages to well lately. He reported the other day that Harriman just played Austin-East's JV squad(which was entirely inaccurate) The two JVs played late in the game. I think he just makes up a final score and analysis, then reports it! /blink.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":blink:" border="0" alt="blink.gif" />
  8. Hey Goose! Goose, I believe he was one that was not there. I heard they had a player playing in a national AAU basketball tourney in Florida (I think). They did have a big, tall, athletic receiver but he was not utilized that much. They really seemed to focus on their running game (as did HHS). Did you go to Stone Friday or cover another scrimmage? If so, who did you see and how did they look? Take care, hope to see you on the sidelines soon.
  9. Yeah there was a lot of class in that previous post that definitely defines his character.
  10. Harriman will have around 360 students this year. Up from around 320 last year. BTW ask_me...if that was A-E's JV team then there were some serious men on it. Their front line was huge and they had strong speed to the outside. I doubt it seriously. If it was it was, then that was the biggest/fastest JV team I've ever seen. Check your source.
  11. Great job by the Devils tonight holding their own against A-E. Both varsity squads were held scoreless. The Devils did get a safety on A-E late in the game. Harriman looked tough up front and had a few nice drives in the game. A-E had a touchdown called back on a block in the back. Not much excitement. Some nice hits by both teams, but we have to remember it's early and both teams were VERY rusty. Great job Blue! Looking forward to a great season!
  12. Yeah, I believe that's stretching it a bit..ha!
  13. Good for them...that is great news! Best wishes for the Eagles this season.
  14. Austin East @ Harriman 6:30
  15. Don't know about Friday but stopped by practice today. The fellas looked good for their first day in pads. They are excited and ready to go. Coach Tapp has a great group of assistants all doing a fine job. You could definitely see a lot of those guys have changed their bodies over the summer. Their off-season workouts have paid off for many. Friday might end up being a speedfest! HA! Go Big Blue!
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