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  1. I can tell you that the field in UC is in very good shape. The grounds crew takes extremely good care of it. Ask any coach or player that walked on it today. There may have been a couple of wet spots, but all in all, it is in great shape!
  2. Complete tournament coverage is available at www.ucgreyhounds.com. There's a District 13AA link on the page.
  3. Day 1 Finals Huntingdon 13 Dresden 2 Humboldt 10 Murray 5 Union City 6 Gibson County 0 Day 2 Finals Murray 6 Gibson County 0 Union City 5 Humboldt 3 Kingston 6 Obion Central 5
  4. I've seen the difference between the teams from the eastern and the western section of the state in the last two years...there is no comparison. West is best! Especially this season! I intend no disrespect towards those teams in the eastern region of our great state...but, the games and teams are much faster and better over in this area. Humboldt will battle East Robertson in the semi-finals to see who plays Union City in the finals.
  5. If, ifs and buts were candy and nuts.....well, you know the rest. Peabody has 2 Gold Balls and 1 Silver. I do agree with you devil, the Clarkrange vs JC game is for the 1A Title...just like last year's Peabody vs Gleason Region semi-final game. Sometimes the two best teams in a classification meet before the tournament at the 'Boro.
  6. If the Vikes play the way they did last night through the rest of the postseason, other teams will be hardpressed to beat them. Lake County looked very good last night...well rounded. Halls also played well. UC is the only team that didn't show last night. All are going to the Region though and anything can happen there.
  7. The 2006 St. Jude Classic field is set! The games will be played at Elam Stadium @ LH Ladd Field and Thompson Field in Union City. Pool A - Humboldt, Murray, Union City & Gibson County. Pool B - Kingston, Dresden, Huntingdon & Obion Central. March 29th Elam Stadium 4:00 Dresden vs. Huntingdon 6:30 Gibson County vs Union City Thompson Field 5:30 Humboldt vs. Murray March 30th Elam Stadium 4:00 Gibson County vs. Murray 6:30 Kingston vs Obion Central Thompson Field 5:30 Humboldt vs. Union City March 31st Elam Stadium 4:00 Kingston vs Huntingdon 6:30 Dresden vs Obion Central April 1st Elam Stadium 12:00 Gibson County vs Humboldt 2:30 Dresden vs Kingston Thompson Field 12:00 Huntingdon vs Obion Central 2:30 Union City vs Murray April 1st Elam Stadium Championship Game 5:30 Pool A winner vs Pool B winner
  8. In the North or West - Union City & Dresden are the favorites...in the South or East - Halls along with Lake County & Humboldt are the teams to beat.
  9. They carry games on the radio now?!? See ya at Thursday NW!
  10. They stand a good chance if they win their games.
  11. Union City lost two "District" games - Humboldt and Lake County...not Gleason. As to the Region - there's no team in 13A that can hang with UC, Humboldt, LC or Halls.
  12. I hear there is a possibility of a new show on one of Luap Elknit network stations - "The Heavy D Power Hour!" I'll listen!
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