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  1. Yeah, I was just listing some of the other top seniors in the state, I knew I would miss some. As far as who is better Brown or Williams, I would take Williams especially at the next level. Mr. Basketball doesnt really mean much. Both are great players and top 10 in the state.
  2. I saw Grace Knox play multiple times this summer and they are in no way a state caliber team. If they make it to state it would only be because of a VERY weak region. They just arent that good. The good Chattanooga class A teams are 20 points better than they are.
  3. Elliot Williams is by far the best senior in the state, there is no real arguement there. After him you have Philip Jurick, Carter McMasters, Laurence Bowers, Terrico White, and DeMario Williams in no order.
  4. Sexton and Kemp will be solid. But not the best in the region. Kemp can be an above average defender, but is by no means a game changer. Sexton who is talented still has alot to prove. They need him to score a bunch consistently while being the defenses main target, something he has never done. Coach Marcum may be a very good coach dont get me wrong, but just doesnt have very much coaching experience. I really think the region is going to be close; Temple could advance to sub-state I just dont see them winning the region. Its like 1a. Grace 1b. CSAS 3 Temple
  5. Here is how I rank them... should be another great year. 1. Grace- They started a super talented freshman backcourt last year now they have a year under their belt expect big things. 6'8 Patrick S. has made is much improved and will be very though to handle. McMasters killed CSAS last year lets see if they can get an answer to him. Also Grace took 2 out of 3 from CSAS (including a win @ CSAS) last year even though CSAS got the one that mattered most. 2. CSAS- Return alot off of a state runner-up team. They are well coached and very tough te beat at home. Should win their district easily. 3. Temple- Lost 90% of their scoring but Sexton should pick up the slack. They might get hurt inside and no one knows what kind of coach they have. Temple's lack of depth will eventually catch up to them. I think they are only 5 or 6 deep.
  6. I think Grace will be able to put some points on the board, but in the long run Boyd will break away. I would say it will be close for the first half. Boyd: 38 Grace:21 But if Boyd takes Grace for granted they might leave with a loss.
  7. Every injury Silverdale sustained was their own fault. They had what looked like two people with pulled muscles and set a world record for most cramps in a game on a night that wasn't even that hot. They were in poor shape which is why Grace out scored them by so much in the second half and why they had so many injuries.
  8. Both teams should make the playoffs this year. As for Blake and Cross... Cross is a very solid runner. He runs very hard and loves to hit. He will be one of the better runners in the region. As for Blake. He is very very good. He will be one of the best junior quarterbacks in the state in any classifaction. I heard he went to a QB camp of around 120 kids at Furman. He finished in the top 10 out of those 120 kids. Not to mention most of them there are going to be seniors. He also turned in a 4.5 forty. I would say the skill position players for Grace are going to be good enough to compete for a region title, but there lines will keep them for doing so. I will give them 3rd in the region 2nd at best.
  9. Maybe I am just being pessimistic, but I am not going to be nieve enough to think that this many things can go on and just chuck it up to carelessness. If it was one issue MAYBE. But all the stuff together there is no way some people (if not all) did not know what they were doing.
  10. Kinda like Watergate? How did that turn out for Nixson? I dont know if you have figured it out yet, but this is turning into a big deal. Temple is in big trouble. At the VERY LEAST Temple is going to have to dish out some serious cash. You seem to be affiliated with temple; do they have money to pay these violations? On top of that if they cancel the season thats $1,500 a game. Come on man quit down playing it, this is a "catastrophic" event for temple.
  11. Ignorance of the rules is in no way an exceptable excuse. I guess these people think it makes them look better by saying they "just didnt know the rules." Thats a load of you know what. How can you not know that a kid from another school cant be on your football team? You at least have to ask a few questions about it. I could understand if you break a rule that deals with how much you can practice or playing in a summer league or something like that, but how can you not know that recruiting and paying school bills are rules? I guarantee that these people knew what they were doing, and saying they didnt know the rules is their easiest cop out.
  12. I believe there are a lot of problems over at Temple. I also believe that it is ignorant to place all the blame on one man. There are some good people at Temple; I believe he is one of them. Highland Park does things different than most churches. Just because it is not your preference does NOT make it wrong. I assume you did not listen to the interview, but he did not back away from the tough questions and he did call in on his own. That says alot about him.
  13. This is where Temples success has come from. Wadley was the coach and has 3 sons play. Skogen was a coach had 4 sons play. Newsome evidently was a security guy and his son played. Mouw had a job at the school and 2 of their boys played.
  14. Interesting with Dr. Bouler calling in. He was bascally doing some damage control there. Chastain obviously did break rules. And we know rules were broken with the skogan boys. And it doesnt look to stop there. We will have to see what happens.
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