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  1. Couple of points.....1)roane county( not school system) pays oak ridge close to $200k to educate kids that live in roane county but go to oak ridge. 2) our county mayor struck a deal with Volkswagen to build a plant in roane county, part of that deal is no property taxes for 10 years. And by the way this plant employees more people from Loudon and Knox counties than from Roane due to its location. And lastly, a huge part of the problem is our county has lost close to 300-400 students the last few years. This has cut down on state and federal funding. The kids move when parents move. Parents move when they can't find work. That's the job of the county mayor---to bring/recruit industry to provide jobs and tax money to run the schools and government. How are these the school board's fault?
  2. Midway High School located in Kingston will be hosting a Girls team camp on June 17 and 18. Cost is $150 for 4 games or $40 per game if you need three games or less. Scheduling requests will be honored. If interested or need more info, call 865-466-9500 or email at [email protected]
  3. Like to have one more team to join, if interested email [email protected] .
  4. November 3rd. 2 games for $75, 3 games for $100. TSSAA refs. 2 gyms will be used. Contact Coach Darrell Ruffner at [email protected]
  5. Agreed. Hoops is a great guy. LC has become a soap opera of athletic dos and don'ts.
  6. Lots of names floating around of coaches that are interested. I'm sure some are rumor and some are true. Anyone hear anything definite yet?
  7. Love when someone posts things like this, then you see it's their very 1st post. Kind of lacks credibility at that point.
  8. Has the makings of a very good year QueenB.
  9. Bearden vs White Station in finals. West is very good, but wont make it past 2 Memphis-area teams. Bearden will be challenged against Siegel. Toss up.
  10. 4A has been stronger the last few seasons. Tellico coming in 3A has strengthened that district significantly.
  11. How good will Coalfield be? Don't they still have Jordan? Did she commit to Coastal Carolina for basketball?
  12. Maybe the other 10-12 players are so bad, that he knows this one must be better than them.
  13. i agree with PG setting up the team.......however he did take more than a handful of shots, and wasnt he considered a "scoring point guard"? he definitely was the top senior prospect at the tourney last year w/o question.
  14. Didnt Jackson get held to a single point in the first half of the semi-final? ended with like 9 pts? maybe i am incorrect. I had Jackson as no higher than #4 as far as tourney performance...NOT OVERALL TALENT(don't want to be misunderstood).
  15. birthdate and grade? if he is truly "really good", an AAU team will be be inquiring soon.
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