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  1. So what are the chances of having some opponents in high school being teammates at UT?
  2. You must have not kept up or heard about GB this year. We passed 90% of the time. We didn’t have a true running back this year. Just playmakers in the passing game.
  3. Our DB coverage was terrible today. Doesn’t help that we don’t have a defensive coordinator. Really needed a safety in the middle of the field. Congrats LC. Y’all are a good team. Enjoy it!
  4. Best player for GB hurt in 3rd quarter. Best defensive player hurt during beginning of 4th. We didn’t have a chance after that.
  5. Well you all just saw our worst half of football this year. Play calling is good at times. Atrocious at times. We shouldn’t run the football the rest of the game unless it’s a QB draw. Motion confuses LC DB’s and we do it maybe 3 times. We need to take what they give us because rn we are absolutely not! Also, I wish someone would go teach high school kids how to tackle nowadays.
  6. Does LC know’d they ain’t post to wur gluves on dur faycmask??
  7. Is LC’s secondary ready to cover? Better hope so.
  8. If you’re trying to get your score predictions correct, I’d change Lake County’s score to an even number
  9. That Pearl Cohn team that beat Covington by 1 last Friday is going to get blew off the field by Alcoa.
  10. So a penalty isn't a penalty if you're smaller than the opposition? Got it.
  11. Did you watch #3, the guy guarding him the entire game? lol
  12. You can say whatever you'd like. No credit will be taken away from him regardless of anyone's "opinion"
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