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  1. Question... how many post routes were ran like the one that was dropped in the 1Q? Just that one time. That’s what we call bad play calling. Against SP, many tunnel screens were ran to perfection because of pressure. Did we run any this game? Don’t recall any. Just straight drop back passes. It’s easy for a defense to peel their ears back if you continue to do the same thing over and over. People have the right to say whatever they want, but facts are facts. If more post routes were ran, #23 would have had some TD’s. That’s one route you are for sure not guarding him on. Y’all can say what you want because you won and it’s taken as the truth. But we know the truth.
  2. No disrespect intended but if you’ll go back and look at my post, I said I doubt we would’ve won even if our 2 players didn’t get hurt. And yes I agree about the right side... they reached us the entire game and we did nothing about it. But it happens.
  3. Took a while to read through everything. Here’s my take and it might be my last post.... LC was obviously the better team yesterday. Line play on both sides of the ball killed us. When a team can run the same zone read play after play and not get stopped, there’s something wrong. IMO defensive ends should always be contain and LB’s should fill the holes. But too many players don’t like taking on lead blockers like they used to. Too much arm tackling, laziness, and quit at the end from GB. It all goes back to the top, when the going gets tough, where’s your leaders? 2 of ours were on the sideline but doubt we would’ve won with them on the field. We’ll never know. As a coach, I would have done everything in me to not let Snyder beat us by himself (which he basically did). We were tackling up high on a SEC size LB playing QB, defensive line not fighting the reach, and LB’s not filling holes. Secondary got beat all night and no adjustment was made. No blitzes, no safety, nothing. There comes a time, when you have to stop waiting to make adjustments at halftime and start doing it during the game. Really hurt us not having a defensive mind on the field. Carnes was running for his life most of the game. Short armed a couple of throws that could’ve been big plays but just didn’t execute. LC had athletes that made the plays when we didn’t. They totted the rock and we couldn’t. I worried a little before this game that the SP game for us would bring about an emotional let down and it did. We didn’t have the fire and energy a team should have when playing for a championship. But we made to the big game and had a shot and just didn’t perform well. Congrats to LC. Enjoy it! @[email protected] that’s about all I got. Wish little brother could’ve finished the game out to end his career but that’s life. Take it to the chin and move on.
  4. So what are the chances of having some opponents in high school being teammates at UT?
  5. You must have not kept up or heard about GB this year. We passed 90% of the time. We didn’t have a true running back this year. Just playmakers in the passing game.
  6. Our DB coverage was terrible today. Doesn’t help that we don’t have a defensive coordinator. Really needed a safety in the middle of the field. Congrats LC. Y’all are a good team. Enjoy it!
  7. Best player for GB hurt in 3rd quarter. Best defensive player hurt during beginning of 4th. We didn’t have a chance after that.
  8. Well you all just saw our worst half of football this year. Play calling is good at times. Atrocious at times. We shouldn’t run the football the rest of the game unless it’s a QB draw. Motion confuses LC DB’s and we do it maybe 3 times. We need to take what they give us because rn we are absolutely not! Also, I wish someone would go teach high school kids how to tackle nowadays.
  9. Does LC know’d they ain’t post to wur gluves on dur faycmask??
  10. If you’re trying to get your score predictions correct, I’d change Lake County’s score to an even number
  11. That Pearl Cohn team that beat Covington by 1 last Friday is going to get blew off the field by Alcoa.
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