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  1. Hard to tell in just one quarter of play but our LB’s are nowhere to be found on most plays.
  2. Run blocking drills. Tackling drills. More run blocking drills. More tackling drills. Then repeat the cycle like 10 more times.
  3. Maryville’s 1st string defense started the game but the QB Chambers and RB Tee Hodge didn’t touch the field on O. After the first 2 drives, all starters were out of the game. For Greenback, our run blocking is just short of atrocious. Other than that and maybe some tackling issues, I thought we looked decent tonight with the little bit of playbook we did show. Passing game looks good.
  4. We don’t know that. Could easily be SP and Huntingdon or someone else. So let’s come down off the high horse a little bit. I know we have things to work on. And I’m sure y’all do as well. Long season ahead.
  5. If only we could throw the ball deep...
  6. Bad injury on the first drive for Clinton. Not gonna go into details out of respect but it was a gruesome injury and if everyone will lift up prayers for that young man!
  7. I don’t know for a fact but I heard from a reliable source that Loudon pushed Meigs around.
  8. Don’t feel like responding to the whole post but I will to one point. Braden Carnes, the QB, WILL.... and I repeat... WILL be the best QB in 1A. Willis WILL be the best receiver in 1A. And Bailey WILL be the best lineman in 1A. And I post this with no bias either. Good day.
  9. Will someone on here please post about the actual game of football?
  10. I’d also think hard about it too. If Meigs beats GB, there will be a thread about the Meigs’ transfers. The need stuff to talk about
  11. If we faced off closer to the middle of our schedule, I’d say he would be right. But there’s no telling how our teams will play together that early in the season. I will say this... our first game is usually the messy game. But the second game is when we fire on all cylinders. Will history repeat itself? There’s no telling because this will be one of the toughest matchups we’ve had at that point in the season.
  12. So your coach is the best lineman? I saw it was Campbell Puckett. Sounds a little fishy to me. Start a thread
  13. Lake County won’t sniff a coach as good as Coach Ryan. Get out of here.
  14. I wish we were good enough to give teams “all they wanted”
  15. I’m not the biggest fan of 7 on 7s when it comes to assessing how good a team is. But from the one at AC this past Saturday, I was very impressed with how fast the new guys picked things up. And for the QB, he no doubt has the smoothest mechanics I’ve seen in a good while. Just floats the ball about 40-50 yards like it’s an intermediate route. I will say this though, we do have a good WR receiving offers and that’s amazing. But we have a diamond in the rough that I don’t believe many people know how good he is. I was very shocked with how good he performed Saturday. Overall, he played the best and he’s been in the system for like 3-4 months.
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